World AIDS Day

get tested..know your status..enjoy your life

Bob By Karl Lagerfeld

music monday

i got a crazy lovejones for music, wish i could tell you when it started but i can't. since its Music Monday on Twitter, i decided to put up my playlist for the day.

1.after the love is gone - Earth, Wind, and Fire
2.you are my starship - Norman Connors
3.what's going on - Marvin Gay
4.love won't let me wait - Luther Vandross
5.let's stay together - Al Green
6.didn't i(blow your mind) - The Delfonics
7.that's the way of the world - Earth, Wind, and Fire
8.loving you - Minnie Riperton
9.gloria - Enchantment
10.betcha by golly wow - The Stylistics

i love love songs from the 70's, my mom swear i was born to late, i disagree with that but i do love the music from her highschool era...and she loves the music from mine...she is a die hard Jay Z fan...weird

***after the love is gone - earth,wind,and fire***

***let's stay together - al green***

***betcha by golly wow - the stylistics***


round midnight

i talk a lot about growing up and the music i was exposed to as a child. from hip hop, jazz, soul, funk, gospel, and even some country, my parents never half stepped with the musical selection. i woke up after not really having a peaceful sleep(which is strange because i had a wonderful day yesterday). anyway last night i left my radio on a popular jazz station and woke to,"Round Midnight" by Thelonious Monk. it reminded me of saturday morning in my family's southside home, eating dat donuts with my dad and playing with his model train sets....



scissors congress

when the wheel of love is once set in motion. there is then no Shastra and no order. -the karma sutra

once ablaze, love's fire burns without regard to any treatise or science(shastra in Sanskirt). the karma sutra only begins to identify all the possible ways to twist and writhe together in a happy tangle, and no author could hope to list them all. ---julianne balmain.
  • scissors, in which the jaghanas (area between the navel and the thighs) at the crux with legs straight and heads at opposite ends, like two slits pieces of paper joined perpendicularly to each other
i have personally never tried this but it looks like so much fun, maybe one day i can find a guy that would be willing test it out.

dear andy....

Tipsy Tuesday: the long island

the week just started and its already running my patience rather thin. so i decided i'd make myself a long island iced tea! it was so good, so i decided to share the recipe with you....

1 part Vodka
1 part Tequila
1 part Triple Sec
1 part Gin
1 part Rum
1 1/2 parts Sweet and Sour Mix
1 splash Coca Cola

Mix ingredients together over ice in a glass. Pour into a shaker and give one brisk shake. Pour back into the glass and make sure there is a touch of fizz at the top. Garnish with lemon.

so yummy and it was great! enjoy!


some stuff i listen to....gone fishing

this summer i really listened to "the cool kids" mixtape "gone fishing". i really am a fan of the music but these are a few of my faves from it.weekend girls, jumprope, and popcorn.

***weekend girl, feat. ryan leslie****

***jumprope featuring tennille***

***popcorn...if you're for chicago and you enjoy juke music you might have flipped when you heard the "hold up, wait a minute***

he can fake it too!

i have never professed to be any sort of sex guru, so you can imagine my surprise when i was informed that men are able to fake sexual pleasure. i mean i always taught that if the guy had a warm wet hole to stick their pee wee in they would be just fine. but apparently that is not the case!

as of late the hot topic of my life has been sex. my friends and i are a very open group, lately some of my male friends have been complaining about the bad sex that they have been having. naturally when they told me about it, i smacked my lips and questioned "how was it possible for a man to not enjoy sex?". quite frankly my eyes have opened to new possibilities. they have been nice enough to enlighten me on the art of "man faking".

all of my friends were able to pull off the faking by acting as if they climaxed in a condom and after they were through they got rid of the empty condom, usually by flushing them, or in one of my friends cases via the kitchen garbage disposal.

after all the conversations with them, i got to thinking "have i ever been faked out?". not that it really matters to me, but i have realized we ladies aren't the only ones that can be slick in the bedroom


what's in your duffel bag?

my pseudo godfather darrick carruth is the shit(sorry for cursing LOL) in the t shirt game. like really but this post isn't about that right now, even though he could send his favorite niece some shirts...hey i'll take a look book too. anyway i was websurfing and found some cool pics of him and had to post them.

i think i spotted the de la soul dunks in there...too bad my foot is just way to small to even try and fit that...TREATED!

you should defiantly check out his line "SneakerFiendTees". unc you could call or text me and mom dukes from time to time we still love you, LOL!

Video Phone - Beyonce feat Lady Gaga

so when i heard the song i was automatically rolling and popping my hips to the beat....bey and gaga have totally wowed me with this video


Orange Moon Evolution - Melissa Renee Jones

I am that Orange Moon.
Come taste like that Citrus Fruit.
Mr. Man on the moon.
Im refelecting the sun and its light is u.
I am that Orange Moon.
Elusive in this night.
You mark down on your calendar
quarter and half moonlights.
All whose state is
concerning you.
I am that Orange Moon.
Refelection of the Sun.
Fresh Fly and Classy as they come.
People look at Orange Moon in Awe.
Cuz its rare
in the
They say Its looks big, so full, so exotic and free.
But it never excites you
because it actually YOU that you see.
I am that orange moon.
In refelection of the sun.
Night vision to decipher
the real frrom
the fake ones.
Political Passions for my tommorrows kids.
Faded jeans and tshirt
to match the mood I'm in.
Sound familiar,
Dont it??
Melody soul in the form
of my thoughts.
Creative outlets, mind mission
to rebel what the governement taught.
Gods Soldier.
Self destiny molder.
Getting in Yet brother??
Im refelecting off of you.
I'll wait til these stars
dim down
so you can have a better veiw.
A half moon is 50%
what it takes
keep you out of the dark,
Sun thinks 50/50 is all
he needs from a partner.
A full moon shines
off only 80% of the Sun.
Which means its only 80% true to you, SUN!
and full moon is full of self
and needs
the wolves to howl at it for
Orange moon
comes around enough
to let Sun know its still there.
100% Self
100% You
100% self giver.
100% Rare.
Come enehance me, Sun!
Put the mirror down and look at your refelection.
Til the Sun is making way around the world.
Orange Moon is
putting life on mars
waiting for Sun to
into her world.

This poem was inspired by Erykah Badu's song orange Moon.
written by the homie melissa renee jones aka honeybee! follow her via twitter.... blaqhoneybee

it HURTS!!!!!

love hurts. in a perfect world those two words would never be allowed to form a sentence. too bad my world is far from perfect. what happens when you get tired of trying just for your trying to go unnoticed.

like all fairy tales it started perfect, dream like even. but what most people don't realize is that nightmares are dreams too.

for a long time, i guarded my heart. shielding it from a cruel world. i thought if i pretended i didn't have one, i could never know hurt. a while i got along just fine putting up this front but deep inside i wanted more. i had gone so long without having to use feelings that i didn't know how to use.

then the unthinkable happened, i fell and i fell hard! i didn't care though, i finally was going to have something to catch and call my own. but it seemed as fast as my joy appeared it quickly dissolved, leaving me hurt, angry, and confused.

have you ever had the dream where you're falling and as much as you try, you can never pull yourself up and land on your feet, but you just never can? well that's me falling and the one thing that i thought would catch me is GONE. i'm falling so fast that i can see the jagged rocks waiting for me on the ground.

i have no idea exactly when it happened, but a hair line fracture has turned into an all out crack. i've tried for sometime to mend this but the crack only seems to grow deeper and deeper.

i've always ran from hurt, but this time i've tried to dig in my heels and face it. but the more i try, it feels like its no point. i'm ready to pack away my stilettos and lace up my high tops and run for the hills.

sometimes i wished it never happened but i'm glad it did. this little workout has proven that my heart works but maybe its time to put it away until the big show...


Clipse “Doorman” Music Video

Clipse - Doorman Music Video - Til The Casket Drops Dec 8 from Malice of the Clipse on Vimeo.

what the rach rock....shoes...i need shoes...

so today was an interesting day to say the least but i was rummaging through my closet for something comfortable because i was going to be running around the city today and i spot yet another nike box collecting dust. opened it up and found these beauties....Nike Vandal Low, White/White/ Black.....simple and comfy

Hype Means Nothing: Warhol vs. Basquiat

hype means nothing ad
i am a lover of all things warhol and basquiat their art work speaks for a very important period in american art. but this post isn't about there art. the company HYPE MEANS NOTHING, are paying homage to the famous "warhol vs basquit" poster. the shirt will be released on the 19th exclusively at colette

the original poster


jill scott-the way x whatever

i am a huge jill scott fan. she embodies beauty, passion, soul, and a queen like essence. her music makes me honestly proud to be a woman and have an actual sexuality. i was in the car with my family today on my way to the movies today when 'the way' came on the radio, i blasted it, despite my sisters opposition, i didn't really care much because i was in the drivers seat and nobody touches my radio when i'm there. jill is the TRUTH!


what not to wear: halloween edition

i know that halloween is a time when rules can be bent a bit but somethings should never change. my cousin invited me to a party with her, i passed on the opportunity, and judging from the pictures i saw i'm glad i did.

***never do this, if you have rolls please hide them***

***if you have on a see through top put on some damn pasties***

***two for one, never buy a corset that doesn't fit, always use lotion***

***never wear these boots....o just burn those****

***buy a top that fits***

***never ever go as whoever she is supposed to be***

***this isn't even a costume***

***wear pants...men and women***

i love shiny objects

now i am usually really particular about female sneakers. i feel like if they are too girly they defeat the purpose of being sneakers. with that being said most of the sneakers in my closet are guy sneakers, a good friend of mine said " a chick with a pair of masculine sneakers like Griffey's with feminine attire and a feminine attitude is a weakness of mine!!" but nike just release the "Nike Dunk High Skinny", and i might think about investing in a pair of these.the shoe comes in gold and cherry red....very appropriate for the holiday season that is quickly approaching....the gold pair are already in stores but i am waiting on the cherry bombs to drop

last of a dying breed?

***me at the end(single), melz(complicated), yanna(relationship),cella (relationship)***

its the time of year when leaves change colors and start falling, and there is an uncomfortable chill in the air. its also the time when a lot of relationships are formed. no one seems to want to be alone during the holiday season. every female that i know is getting into some type of 'romantic affair'. i have started to sit back and wonder,'where did all the single ladies go?'.

beyonce's popular song "single ladies(put a ring on it)"had women in the spring/summer proud to say, "yes i am very single and loving it". now those same women who learned the words to the song and its dance are running to find their "loves". personally, i do not mind being single, in my book it haves its pros and cons. i like the fact that i do not have to check in with a person every fifteen to twenty minutes, if i do not feel like answering the phone i can just let it ring, and i do not have to spend funds that i do not really have on pointless gifts and outings.

there are sometimes though when i sit and think,"am i the one who is losing?". i can admit that there are times when i do get a bit lonely and wish there was a special someone to call and say "hey i miss you." sometimes i wish i could fight about stupid things so i could have a reason to makeup. maybe its me, am i insane for loving my freedom so much?

recently i have been talking to a few of my good male friends, who are all in the same age bracket as i. they have told me that they have been giving heavy thought to the idea of settling down. according to them, bed hopping is not as fun as it used to be, and the skeezers and tramps that they once chased have lost much of their appeal. they are looking for 'quality verses quantity' in there women(and sometimes men).

could it be that once a person breaks out of there teen years and into their early adulthood stages of life stability is more fulfilling than the fast lane? everyone seems to be searching for worthy relationships and finding real love. it often makes a girl like myself wonder. am i the last single lady? could i possibly be the last of a dying breed?


i'm just not that into you

3:40pm:name omitted
have a baby by me baby be a millionaire
millionaire huh?
3:42pm:name omitted
you thinking about it huh lol
no just saying if thats all i gotta do thats a pretty easy job
3:43pm:name omitted
it is aint it
yea i guess
3:45pm:name omitted
3:46pm:name omitted
u want the job or not
nah but im sure you can find someone who will happily take the job
3:49pm:name omitted
u always play me to the left rachel, were not friends anymore
you will be fine sir
--conversation provided via facebook chat

as of late i have been getting hit on a lot lately. that's nothing new to me, but it is weird that i am getting hit on by guys that a few years ago who wouldn't give me the time of the day. now they are sniffing for my panties. its funny that these men have the audacity to play hurt when i turn them down.
the conversation above was held with this guy that i used to have a huge crush on when i was younger. he found out about the crush and dragged me through the mud, embarrassing the life out of me. its been a few years and i am completely over the situation, and now the tables have turned and i can be the one to say, "hey, i would just rather be friends with you". the idea of dating this guy is totally moronic and quite simply...i am just not that into him. o well!

Limoland Monogram Tote Bag

this is supposed to be a guys tote bag, but i want this bag. the leather tote features a monogram pattern all over it, the Italian streetwear company limoland is rumored to be making a mini pouch to go with the bags. personally the tote is more than enough for me....christmas present maybe?

A Tribe Called Quest -Bonita Applebum

A Tribe Called Quest - Find My Way

"her mind not corrupt with the ill c cups"....fave line of the whole song....


blast from the past...

**i'm in the middle with my favorite shoes on....JELLIES**

ekkk... so my suedo cousin, ariel, decided to go back in the time machine and started posting pictures from when we were young. LMFAO. even though we were absolutely adorable, i'm glad we have all blossomed into beautiful young ladies.....

**top row with the red shirt and overalls. me and kris being little ladies**

**easter...i remember that dress. kris, me, and raven**



air yeezy fusion aka some ole bullshit! the first person i see with these on their feet, i will personally point, laugh, and then take a picture of them. this is the ultimate insult to sneakerheads everywhere. i am just so angry with these shoes....ugh!


Mateo - Get To Know Me [Official Video] from Mateo on Vimeo.

i like this song alot and it doesn't hurt that he's kinda cute too

Yonis Kissing Congress

so i decided that i would do a "Congress" series. last time it was "Suspended Congress", this act has no set name so i'm naming it my self....the "Yonis Kissing Congress".

'some women of the harem, when they are amorous(strongly moved by sexual love), do acts of mouth on the yonis of one another, and some men do the same thing with women'--the karma sutra

'a sacred act in certain historical contexts, going down is widely appreciated by women. the karma sutra's instructions amount to one coy piece of advice: kiss it the way you would kiss her mouth. perhaps that is all that needs to be said. for those who would like more detailed instruction, here are six steps to heading south with confidence:

  1. gently, slowly pinch her lips together, kissing and nuzzling as you would her mouth

  2. spread her lips and run your tongue up to the clitoris, nibbling, and suckling gently. don't forget the little bare patch above the clitoris, where it all comes together

  3. descend to her most hidden spot and grace its entrance with your tongue, teasing her.

  4. plunge your tongue in, devouring her.

  5. take time out to nibble her thighs, run circles round her navel, and generally delay gratification.

  6. return to the clitoris to finish the job.

---julianne balmain.

another one of my favorites...kissing equals winning! O YES!!!!


teen dating violence is a very real thing

teenage love affairs are thought to be light and full of Disney like romance. dates to movies, concerts, and school sporting events. sadly, teen dating is not what it was in the 50's and 60's. today 1 in 3 high school girls will be abused by their boyfriends. now i am not piggy backing off of the rising topic because of the incident between rihanna and chris brown, as sad as it was she was not the first to be abused and she won't be the last. people might read this and ask how can i be so cold to say something so mean. my answer is because i stood where rihanna is, but she couldn't tack rape and pregnancy to her track record. i'd like to do something i never have done before, publicly speak about my abusive teenage love affair.

i was 15 years old in my sophomore year of high school when i started dating the young man i thought was the love of my life, s.l.. he was four years my senior, smart, funny, attractive, all the things a girl would want in a boyfriend. we had know each other for years and it seemed very easy to fall in 'love' with him. at first the dating was simple, he'd come home for the weekend and we would go out on dates, play basketball together, go shopping, and a few times even go to church together. a perfect couple to everyone that saw us, but that didn't last too long.
about 4 months into our relationship, s.l. grew tired of just kissing and heavy petting and he became very mean. often he would say things like, "you don't know how luckily you are, there are girls all over my campus that would love to be my girlfriend". then the subtle hints every once and awhile turned into strong warnings almost everyday. being raised christian i have values and morals and i was trying to hold on to my virginity for as long as possible. around christmas break that year i was ready to end this relationship because along with the constant pressure for sex, s.l. had become physically abusive, but he was rather smart about his abuse. instead of hitting me in front of people and leaving marks that would be visible to my family and friends, he would hit me in private(his car, a hallway,etc.) on my body, arms, and legs. because it was so cold out i was fully clothed and no one could see the marks. afraid to leave him for fear of what he might do, we continued dating through out the winter. i had just got my driver's permit and my dad would let me drive his car to school.
january 24, is a day etched in my memory that won't leave. i was just getting back into school after winter break, the day was finally over and i was walking out of school with my good male friend m.h. we were laughing and planning to go to our friend's house for a biology study group when i saw s.l. leaning on my father's pick up truck that i was driving. trying not to cause a scene i walked over to s.l., who in return started screaming at the top of his lungs, "so is this the guy you're fucking?", m.h. tried to calm the scene by introducing himself and explaining that we were simply platonic friends. embarassed and ready to leave i got in my car, s.l. jumped in the tow cab and wouldn't get out until i let him in. tired of the scene i did, and drove off thinking i could just take him home and he would calm down. as we pulled up in front of his house i thought he would just get out, but he started punching me in the face and pulling me into the street from the car. his being way bigger than me made it very hard to put up much fight. i dont really want to discuss the rape in detail, thats a part of my life i would just rather leave in the past.
about two months after the attack i noticed that my period was running later than usual and i grew concerned so i told my mom about it, she took me to the doctor and they found i was pregnant. i decided that even though i hated s.l. and probably would never be able to forgive him, that the baby should not be punished. the pregnancy was going to be carried full term and at the end i would keep my baby. sometimes our plans aren't what life wants for us, i miscarried after 4 and a half months.

***i have shared my story because i think people need to know that a relationship like this can happen to anyone, doesn't matter who you are. even the sweetest guys can change on you and if it does happen you should report it and soon.***


my favorite nothing and the world series

lately i've been a bit depressed and my friend april aka my favorite nothing sensed that i could use some company. she called me as i was cooking myself some dinner and asked what my plans for the night were, just eating and watching the world series. she told me she was bringing wine and we were going to play some scrabble. i'm glad i have friends that dig me out of my foul mood.....we're having FUN

***homemade chicken fried rice***
***this bullshit ass wine she brought...never again***

***DAT DONUT...the best thing the southside of chicago has to offer***

LeBasse Projects in New York

L.A. based 'LeBasse Projects' will be presenting a three day showing of their "Go East"show in New York. this is my favorite picture from the show.

suspended congress

PSA: for anyone who might be offered that i have a gospel song under this post, realize these...christians have sex...thats how you get little christians.

so i was talking to my good friend about deciding to go celibate, not because i am waiting on marriage, i just need to purify my life out. anywho we went from talking about being celibate to 'the karma sutra'. my friends call me a guru on the matter, because of my depth of knowledge on the subject of human sexual interaction. i have books, info cards, how to manuals, etc. we pulled out my karma sutra info cards and started finding our 'favorite positions'. i have more than one so i've decided to start a "congress"-or sex series. today's favorite congress is the "suspended congress".

'when a man supports himself against a wall, and the woman, sitting on his hands joined together and held underneath her, throws her arms round his neck and putting her thighs alongside his waist, moves herself by her feet which are touching the wall against which the man is leaning, it is called the suspended congress.'--the karma sutra

'sex against a wall is the epitome of the unbridled spontaneous encounter, and we've certainly seen enough of it in movies. and yet its real-world application can be a challenge. field testing suggests that suspended congress is only feasible if the gentleman has been spending more nights at the gym than the pub and the lady is twiggy, petite, and bendy(not true..im nowhere near twiggy). even then it requires pratice to actually enjoy it..
in the cinematic version, the woman is invariably against the wall, with the man rutting enthusiatically. suspended congress offers a slightly more feasible application. first, he's in a stable postition with his shoulders anchored against the wall. second, his interlaced fingers make a secure seat engineered for bearing her weight. third, having her feet against the wall help the woman balance and stay aloft.
if the girl-against-the-wall scenario beckons but you don't have the knack, try a more sustainble verison, in which the woman sits on the edge of a table and wraps her legs around her partner's waist.'--julianne balmain

personally it is great, and if you can master this add water to the situation..the shower suspended congress is one of my all time favorites..


Tye Tribbett - Everything will be Alright

sometimes you have to hear that it will be alright even if its not alright at the time being.

dawn penn x bob marley

when i was little, i can remember dancing with my dad to these two songs...he nutured my love for reggae and rock..its sad that now we don't even speak but i can listen to these songs and go back to being 5 and dancing in the garage in the summer time in my swimming suit dancing with my daddy.

hollywood holt: hollywood

'u know that n$%^a from the go'

Rach the Good's PSA: bad buy homie, bad buy!

i love my family, but sometimes i don't know how we are related. a male cousin of mine(who shall remain nameless) just made a very bad purchase. he bought a pair of white dress shoes, what the hell were you thinking! i'm not going off the memorial day rule(don't wear white after it), i just think white dress shoes scream westside 8th grade graduation. as a 20 something man, that's a huge no no!

dude please for yourself and your image....please RETURN THOSE SHOES!

if you or someone you love owns a pair of shoes similar to these....throw them out

no more soggy socks

chicago gets snow, its not the cute light dusting either. i'm talking thick and heavy with the ocassional black ice (you slide on that and its your ass mr. post man). if you live here or have visited during the winter, you know that you need a good snow boot. but finding a fashionable and praticial snow boot is a hard task. rubber duck has that task handled....i need a pair of these for the 09/10 winter.....

click here to shop to the Rubber Duck Brand

reebok top down hellz

formerly hellz bellz, the female streetwear clothing company Hellz teamed with Reebok to produce the Top Down sneaker. i'm always game for leather, studs, and a rubber bottom. the shoes are available in most retailers...


fragile - chrisette michelle feat wale

Fragile - Chrisette Michele

newest fave song

mark ronson x gucci

that is the dopest way to premium a new record.....

rachel wesley's rule to happiness

1. don't give a shit about anything or anyone....its your life you live it......

something i'm choosing to live by.....


im going to hell...

so almost every sunday my family goes to church, we have since i was born. today we were sitting in the sanctuary, service was going normal as i sat there and chewed my bubble gum. i swear i wasn't in deep thought about anything and out of nowhere i starting thinking about sex. SEX with the person i can't get off my brain(ummm....TREATED?). that was defiantly the wrong place to be daydreaming about the horizontal mambo. i was actually kind of scared so i wrote my mom a note and asked her "hey mom do you think i'll go to hell cause i'm sitting here thinking about sex?", she turned to me, hiding her laugh and said "yes, rachel you are going to hell. you need to start praying right now!". jesus please forgive me i didn't mean to. guess i shouldn't let my thoughts wander anymore..