Orange Moon Evolution - Melissa Renee Jones

I am that Orange Moon.
Come taste like that Citrus Fruit.
Mr. Man on the moon.
Im refelecting the sun and its light is u.
I am that Orange Moon.
Elusive in this night.
You mark down on your calendar
quarter and half moonlights.
All whose state is
concerning you.
I am that Orange Moon.
Refelection of the Sun.
Fresh Fly and Classy as they come.
People look at Orange Moon in Awe.
Cuz its rare
in the
They say Its looks big, so full, so exotic and free.
But it never excites you
because it actually YOU that you see.
I am that orange moon.
In refelection of the sun.
Night vision to decipher
the real frrom
the fake ones.
Political Passions for my tommorrows kids.
Faded jeans and tshirt
to match the mood I'm in.
Sound familiar,
Dont it??
Melody soul in the form
of my thoughts.
Creative outlets, mind mission
to rebel what the governement taught.
Gods Soldier.
Self destiny molder.
Getting in Yet brother??
Im refelecting off of you.
I'll wait til these stars
dim down
so you can have a better veiw.
A half moon is 50%
what it takes
keep you out of the dark,
Sun thinks 50/50 is all
he needs from a partner.
A full moon shines
off only 80% of the Sun.
Which means its only 80% true to you, SUN!
and full moon is full of self
and needs
the wolves to howl at it for
Orange moon
comes around enough
to let Sun know its still there.
100% Self
100% You
100% self giver.
100% Rare.
Come enehance me, Sun!
Put the mirror down and look at your refelection.
Til the Sun is making way around the world.
Orange Moon is
putting life on mars
waiting for Sun to
into her world.

This poem was inspired by Erykah Badu's song orange Moon.
written by the homie melissa renee jones aka honeybee! follow her via twitter.... blaqhoneybee

it HURTS!!!!!

love hurts. in a perfect world those two words would never be allowed to form a sentence. too bad my world is far from perfect. what happens when you get tired of trying just for your trying to go unnoticed.

like all fairy tales it started perfect, dream like even. but what most people don't realize is that nightmares are dreams too.

for a long time, i guarded my heart. shielding it from a cruel world. i thought if i pretended i didn't have one, i could never know hurt. a while i got along just fine putting up this front but deep inside i wanted more. i had gone so long without having to use feelings that i didn't know how to use.

then the unthinkable happened, i fell and i fell hard! i didn't care though, i finally was going to have something to catch and call my own. but it seemed as fast as my joy appeared it quickly dissolved, leaving me hurt, angry, and confused.

have you ever had the dream where you're falling and as much as you try, you can never pull yourself up and land on your feet, but you just never can? well that's me falling and the one thing that i thought would catch me is GONE. i'm falling so fast that i can see the jagged rocks waiting for me on the ground.

i have no idea exactly when it happened, but a hair line fracture has turned into an all out crack. i've tried for sometime to mend this but the crack only seems to grow deeper and deeper.

i've always ran from hurt, but this time i've tried to dig in my heels and face it. but the more i try, it feels like its no point. i'm ready to pack away my stilettos and lace up my high tops and run for the hills.

sometimes i wished it never happened but i'm glad it did. this little workout has proven that my heart works but maybe its time to put it away until the big show...