this has to be said

im not in a relationship because its not what you wanted. i agreed not because its what i wanted but because i didnt want to push you. i had to learn to bury my feelings but more and more i feel like im losing you. i told you all we do is fight and talk about sex....thats no way i want to live. so right here right now i'll say it...if there are others pursue them. i dont think you know but you're sending up major red flags. and im far away so theres no way i can fight you.



i love OUTKAST, growing up with a music head for big brother i was exposed to alot of music. i will never forget the first time i saw this video....man it was like the greatest few minutes of my life.


McDonalds Cycle Center

being a chicago native i love my city. its the best city in the whole world. but thats just my personal opinion. well our millennium park has just added the McDonalds Cycle Center. the center will store up to 300 bicycles, there is a full service bike shop, showers, and a cafe. so if you're a serious cyclist you will truly appreciate the newest addition.

New Balance x Nine West Autumn/Winter ‘09 Preview


Younity Re-Fresh The Streets

i love grafetti art. older generations dont understand or embrace it. but one of my favorite quotes is from a movie named beat street, an artist named ramone said "if art is a crime, may god forgive me". and i live by that saying. anywho this past sunday an all women group of taggers known as The Younity, started working on their new mural called the "FRESHER" project.

very dope ladies



Lippmann Collection Nail Polish

i live for women on top, it gives me a extra boost i need to go one. miss deborah lippman is no exception. she originally went to school to become a famous jazz singer, but when times got tough she went back to school to become a manicurist. im quite sure she had no idea that one day she'd be the face of her own nail polish company, company that has been noted in publications such as vogue, vanity fair, and v magazine. she's even created looks for versace, valentino, and zac posen.

after ten years in the businness lippman nail lacquers and treatments have released a few anniversary pieces. lippman has even teamed up with a few musical acts like Pat Benatar, to create the Hit Me With Your Best Shot a delightfully bold, gun metal color. Mary J. Blige, to create No More Drama, a golden caramel with a pearl like finish. And Zac Posen teamed up with Lippman to create Purple Rain, a sassy shade of a frosty shimmering lilac.

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Richard Hogg “Off the Wall”


just me on a bag

the Karl Lagerfeld tote

so pattern people tote bags put karl lagerfeld and marc jacobs on two fab totes. these totes are great for our eco friendly fashionable people.the bags are 18"w x 15"h (excluding handle), black ink on 100% natural cotton canvas. and for a low 45 bones its super green and fabulous

the Marc Jacobs tote

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kelis and baby knight out and about

i've been a kelis fan for years now. i was surprised when she married nas but thats her business not mine. anyway she and baby Knight(i think thats the cutest name ever) are out on the town. and i must say i cant wait for my hair to get a bit longer...i defiantly used to had a blonde patch with black hair everywhere else...good to see mrs. jones(well not anymore) and the baby are doing well

Bow Tie Pimping

Bape Fall 2009 Collection has switched up the look a bit. the famous streetwear brand has taken on a more prep look this year for the fall collection and i must say im impressed. the patterns are more docile and clean, something a guy could wear to a wedding bunch or day at the office, but they havent strayed far away from the patterns and colors that made them famous today. i really like the look, personally i think change is good for all clothing lines. it shows that Bape isnt a one trick pony.

highsnobiety.com for the pics



so i have a gang of friends, different creeds, cultures, faiths, and professions. my homie oscar a. rosa, a young film maker(not the dirty films....freaks) shot a commerical for a popular job website....

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p.popping before she can even spell it

im sorry but when are parents going to draw the line....this is not in the least bit cute....you're daughter will more than likely be a stripper...time to beat her little butt. but then again she's probably only doing what she sees..shaking my damn head....wake up ppl


amber rose does complex

and boy is she complex....

steady mob.bing with t. taylor

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