one of the best shows ever

one day i was chilling with my homie and was rummaging thru the house's dvd collection and came across a show called "WEEDS". naturally my curiosity had me wondering what the show was about so after burrowing it, i realized i love this show. i even got my mom and sister watching the show. we all the finished the first season and now i'm up watching the second season. this show is on my must watch list with "sex and the city". if you've never seen it you should take some time out of your schedule and put netflix to use and catch up on the show. i'm not sure if the show is still airing but it comes on showtime...


shoe sex : ulona

i haven't seen a pair of heels that made me blush and check my panties in a very long time and then i stumbled across the Christian Louboutin Ulona. all i can say is that these shoes have to be in my closet by july 17, 2010.

music monday....darling nikki

last night i was sitting at home eating blue bunny ice cream when purple rain came on. i live for prince, he is the sexiest little yellow man walking this earth. ooww, anyway my favorite scene of the movie is when he gets on stage and performs this song. one of the greatest possible foreplay songs ever.