i'm just not that into you

3:40pm:name omitted
have a baby by me baby be a millionaire
millionaire huh?
3:42pm:name omitted
you thinking about it huh lol
no just saying if thats all i gotta do thats a pretty easy job
3:43pm:name omitted
it is aint it
yea i guess
3:45pm:name omitted
3:46pm:name omitted
u want the job or not
nah but im sure you can find someone who will happily take the job
3:49pm:name omitted
u always play me to the left rachel, were not friends anymore
you will be fine sir
--conversation provided via facebook chat

as of late i have been getting hit on a lot lately. that's nothing new to me, but it is weird that i am getting hit on by guys that a few years ago who wouldn't give me the time of the day. now they are sniffing for my panties. its funny that these men have the audacity to play hurt when i turn them down.
the conversation above was held with this guy that i used to have a huge crush on when i was younger. he found out about the crush and dragged me through the mud, embarrassing the life out of me. its been a few years and i am completely over the situation, and now the tables have turned and i can be the one to say, "hey, i would just rather be friends with you". the idea of dating this guy is totally moronic and quite simply...i am just not that into him. o well!

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