Fefe Dobson- I Want You

fefe dobson's first single off her new album "joy" is entitled "i want you". like the song all in itself but the video is even better. its basically the girl in his that pines away for the hot player type guy and he notices every girl but her. classic case of why guys are idiots.

kudos ms. dobson on the new single, i'll defiantly be adding the album to my collection...

your kid isnt cool if they dont wear Gaultier to school

so im jealous, why wasn't junior jean-paul gaultier available when i was growing up? i mean seriously he was one of the first perfumes i bought when i was about 12 or 13. i'm really a fan of his work, so his newest line is the truth too. junior jean-paul gaultier is high fashion x kindergarten. i can't wait for my god baby londyn to get a bit bigger so i can go buy her a few pieces from the collection

photos by highsnobette.com

friends, chicagoans, suburbanites....lend me your legs!!!

i love my legs....im five foot two in flip flops but more than 60% of me is my long curvy legs. i use any excuse to take them out and flaunt them...shorts..dresses...skirts...boxers...leggings. matters not how i'm showcasing them as long as they are seen...the wonderful Jessie Faire has come to my rescue with a crazy line up of leggings.

each pair of Faire's leggings are hand-dyed using a Japanese resist technique, since they are carefully dyed no two pair are alike..these arent like your run of the mill wet seal leggings either. the website ShiboriLove.com helps you find your correct size and they even come with control top(thanks geebus) and its all for a cool 32 bones....now dont be cheap and say...i can go to urban or forever...if you go there for leggings in time they will run and you will be angry.

so thanks to Jessie Faire..you defiantly had girls like me on your mind when you went to work. and i can even buy my god baby some...

photos from nylonmag.com