Richard Hogg “Off the Wall”


just me on a bag

the Karl Lagerfeld tote

so pattern people tote bags put karl lagerfeld and marc jacobs on two fab totes. these totes are great for our eco friendly fashionable people.the bags are 18"w x 15"h (excluding handle), black ink on 100% natural cotton canvas. and for a low 45 bones its super green and fabulous

the Marc Jacobs tote

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kelis and baby knight out and about

i've been a kelis fan for years now. i was surprised when she married nas but thats her business not mine. anyway she and baby Knight(i think thats the cutest name ever) are out on the town. and i must say i cant wait for my hair to get a bit longer...i defiantly used to had a blonde patch with black hair everywhere else...good to see mrs. jones(well not anymore) and the baby are doing well

Bow Tie Pimping

Bape Fall 2009 Collection has switched up the look a bit. the famous streetwear brand has taken on a more prep look this year for the fall collection and i must say im impressed. the patterns are more docile and clean, something a guy could wear to a wedding bunch or day at the office, but they havent strayed far away from the patterns and colors that made them famous today. i really like the look, personally i think change is good for all clothing lines. it shows that Bape isnt a one trick pony.

highsnobiety.com for the pics