dirty money posters

i'm weird, there its out in the open. i got a thing for party posters. i'm sick of pluggers that only become my book marks and i'm sick of internet party invites. sunday morning my homie Merk Murphy gave me a nice little something to add to my collection of posters.its for chicago's listening party for "Dirty Money" hosted by the one and only, Diddy. now 9 times out of 10, i'm not going, but the poster is a piece of history so i'm keeping it. kinda like how our parents used to do with posters from the 70's and 80's. who knows i might be showing this to my kids one day(now that was a good joke), but seriously you never know who this might impress down the line.

shout out to Merk Murphy for the poster....you should follow him on twitter...he's a real cool dude: @MerkMurphy

put on your long johns and bring out the boots

***my morning view***

it's december in chicago. what that means is snow, snow, snow. now if you're a native like me it doesn't really bother you, you know its time to pull out your long johns and lace up your boots.

***even in the bed i match(somehow those came off in my sleep,think i was molested by a ghost)***

so after two cups of coffee, some toast, and a bowl full of applesauce, i finally got dressed and dragged my self to start my school day...had a final...took the final...went back home..and i did it looking rather dapper if i do say so myself.

now i'm back home and hopefully sleep is in my future......later!!!

scarf and coat: the gap
thermal : hanes
jeans: levi
bag: idk?

nothing says romance like chicken tenders....

i am a huge kevin hart fan, seriously so i was super geeked(rach for "excited") to see his eBay commercials. true to form they were extremely easy to relate with and hilarious. this is my favorite though...because, well nothing says romance like chicken tenders.