dwele the dj

he does it so well, and looks hella good doing it...

eyecandy....Barrett Helms

also know as the light skin guy with no speaking lines in the movie "Precious". this man is sexy, and everyone who knows me knows i stray away from the light brights, but he might just be that one exception....


simple statement: i want these

#nowplaying Weekend Love - Dwele

hopped out the shower and this song was playing on my early morning wake up mix, its nothing like slipping on a fresh pair of socks well listening to the sultry sound of mr. gardner's voice, its the formula for starting a great day, morning all!


...now i need something sweet

there is no reason that a "McCafe" should every sound that sexy and tempting, but i guess thats what happens when you put Dwele on the keys and mic. (lord please excuse my impure thoughts about that man). all i can say is i'm going to mickey dee's before class because all of a sudden my sweet tooth is booming!!!


surving valentines day...single girls rejoice

feb 14, 2010 is right around the corner and for 'some' this will be a bad day. those 'some', are singles who don't know how to truly enjoy being single during holidays. i've only had two valentine dates(seventh grade and two years ago), so its clear that i have had time to get used to a single's valetines day.

there is no point in sitting in the house watching sappy love movies about friends who realize they love each other. get out, go shake your butt, enjoy your life!!! if you've never been on a 'me date' now would be the perfect time to start. take yourself out, go to dinner, catch a movie, take a moon lit stroll.

personally i haven't set my plans in stone, but i know i will not be in the house thinking about "the great love that got away" or "the love that could have been". i'll be getting sexy for myself(hair, nails, clothes, shoes, the works), and enjoying my night.

**i'll be dancing to this one on 2.14.10**

and if you feel that you're not strong enough to survive a valetines day alone, include your other single friends. make this an enjoyable experience for you and your closest female friends. its nothing like walking in to a club, restaurant,movie theater with your gang looking like a million bucks.

**i'll be getting dressed to this**

**i'll be singing this with my homies**

whatever you do, ladies if you are single don't be afraid to enjoy your valetines day, boyfriend or not, every girl deserves a wonderful valetines day, go out and buy yourself a huge teddy bear, box of chocolate,and flowers. ENJOY!!!

fresh prince....buwahahahaha

listen to the letter she is reading, i promise you will be in tears

the weird shit i youtube....divorce edition

'o she's a golddigger way over town that digs on me!'-jamie foxx


shoe sex....L.A.M.B "Zan" Sandals

haven't done a shoe sex write up in awhile but the has taken me out of my "drought". i have always admired the L.A.M.B shoe line, its always been very edgy and trendy. the Zan sandal is no expection.

they are currently available on heels.com and zappos.com for about 380 bones, geesh valetines day is swiftly approaching and i know i won't be getting chocolates, flowers, and a giant teddy bear, but if i could get these i would defiantly feel the love.

shoes via highsnobette.com


now playing...storm-lenny kravitz feat jay z

...Feet hit the ground runnin' and my back's to the wind/Angels on my shoulders, head in the clouds/No, I'm not rappin', I'm just thinkin' real loud/My karma's my armor, my charm and wit/Is like a lethal bomb, I'm warm and s***


now playing...anthony hamilton - the point of it all

...one of the most beautiful love songs from a man to a woman, sometimes a woman needs to hear this from her significant other. just to hear that they are loved. can't wait to fall in love with someone and know that they love me right back. until then i'll be playing this and day dreaming.


for my grandmother

got a phone call a few minutes ago and i am a bit shell shocked. my grandmother, johnie mae wesley passed. she was one of the most beautiful women i was blessed to be loved by.

love you grandma, now you are at rest with grandpa and uncle kenneth. i'm going to miss you so much,your hugs and kisses, the teacakes with raisins, walking around the front yard arm in arm with you and the dogs, and sneaking to take your picture(she hated posing about as much as me).

just a bit of chicago at night...jackson ave chillin

so classes have officially restarted for me, after leaving my night class i decided to hop off the train and go walk around downtown for a minute. as i walked around jackson and state i remembered that i had my camera in my bag, jackson ave chillin....


ken & dana designs reaching out to haiti

a lot of people are affected by the recent earth quake in haiti. i have friends who haven't been able to get in contact with their family members there, and while relief is being sent there, we can not send people peace of mind and reassurance.

now i can't think of a real solution to help but i saw this necklace by "ken & dana design". a purchase will insure a 30 dollar donation to the red cross.....just saying you may not want the necklace but haiti still needs the help. so please send help.

....to my wife!

***my honeybee!!!***
i'm blessed to be surrounded by great people, they make me who i am. we share joyful moments and tears, back stabbing, treachery,and all type of craziness. our lives are constantly intertwined but i can't lie, with the friends i have i don't mind that this is so. so without further ado, happy 21st birthday Melissa Renee Jones, my honeybee, we'll be dating one another until we find our mr. perfects...LOVE YOU MUCH LADY!!!


adventures with winnie the pooh and bearbrick

when i saw this i automatically started humming the theme to "the adventures of winnie the pooh"(one of my favorite cartoons when i was around 5 or 6 years old). Medicom, snapped with this one and i'm not big on figurines(i'm very lukewarm and it doesn't make much of a difference to me either way) , but for this set i wouldn't mind keeping them in their box in my living room.



Aakash Nihalani’s On & Off (Often On)

studded collars take a turn...

when i think of studded collars i think about leather, spandex, and dark makeup. so seeing the colette and burberry collaboration, my jaw automatically dropped. i really love the cut of these coats, i need one of two in my closet for spring...seriously.


music monday 1.11.10

monday morning, i hop out bed and i'm feeling rather sexy and in love with myself(these are the days that can't be explained how wonderful they actually are). as i shuffled to the shower i turned on one of my favorite albums, Fly or Die by N.E.R.D., the random play order made,"the way she dance" come on. in the shower i danced to the tune, if you're a chick ever wanting to start off the day feeling good and slightly sexy play this song.


the things i don't do

***no shots are being fired here i just need to vent for a second. no mean to offend anyone, but this is my blog and i'll say whatever is on my chest.***

i must admit in my younger days i used to get caught in messy situations that could have been avoided by simply shutting my mouth and letting scenes play out minus my opinion. so as i have become a bit mature(not totally, but i am working on it everyday), i have decided to just shut my mouth and live life.

when i feel that i want a question answered i just ask the person one time and hope that they are honest in answering and just keep it moving. i'm not going to turn into a parrot asking the same thing, looking for different answers. there's no real time to be bothered with that process. webster says that insanity is doing the same act hoping that there will be a different result. there is nothing in life that i am willing to make me go crazy. i guess i trust alot and let go, so here are a couple of things you'll never catch me doing.....
  1. honesty box - i'm not going to go anonymous and try and gather information. in my opinion i just don't have it in my to try and fool people. i give people answers they want/need in first person, so i trust they will do the same.
  2. broken record- over and over with the same topic. i don't do it. i know of some people who ask the same questions hoping to find dirt, my granddad has taught me alot about life but one of his lessons that stand to me is "don't go digging in the mud, cause you will always find dirt"--t.o.sr. i figure this much, whatever is supposed to come into the light will, there's no point in forcing it to.
  3. kung fu killer wolf bitch- i don't and won't fight, its much easier and less draining to just walk away
  4. ms. with her nose in your biz!-i'm not about to search to know each and everything about you.
these are just things i don't do.


Bob Marley and Brian....

sometimes you just need to here some good reggae to make your day better. i was sitting my living room with my brother,when he started to sing this song. it was really a double treat, because my brother lives in another city and came home for the weekend, and the fact that he can sing. i wish i would have recorded him, but at the time i was too busy enjoying and not so much thinking.

i really enjoyed my night with my family, they are my back bone and support. no matter how much shit we talk, when its time to sit down and be family, it always happens.sitting here playing the wii, watching the mighty morphin power rangers, and eating combination low mein and garret's popcorn, i realize how much i love them...

** little us, in our grandmother's garden**


o.g. freak ass playa....mr. bootsy collins

as i ran around the city today i heard "i'd rather by with you" by bootsy collins. this has been one of my favorite old school songs ever, as i danced to the song i knew i had to post it. so i when i was searching for it on youtube, i found a live performance( umm can you say score!). its a practice, that i watch all videos before i putting them on the blog. of course it was a great, but as the song came to the ending, bootsy got real freaky(i won't give anyway the ending so watch it).

**here's to you mr. bootsy collins, you are the epitome of the o.g. freak ass playa**


my dream car....

when i was younger my father built hot rods.i remember sitting in the garage with him and my siblings, learning how to rotate tires and changing brake pads. some where in my childhood i fell in love with older model cars,particularly Ford, but especially Cadillac.

my dream car would have to be a 1959 Cadillac Deville,convertible of course, unlike in the picture it would be cherry red..i just think that's one car that is perfect for the summertime, top down, hair in the wind, ahhh the good life. hopefully one day i can make that dream a reality .

kenna - hell bent


told you i was a piece of work

how to win the argument everytime!

so i have had much experience in the arguing department as of late. coming from a family of strong willed(or stubborn) women, i learned some sure fire tips to help when it comes down to winning arguments.(even though i must admit, in the heat of battle, these rules sometimes are forgotten)....
  • no matter how angry you get, never raise your voice. speaking in a calm tone throws people off guard. supposedly when people are angry they yell, but if you are speaking in a calm tone with a hint of nonchalance it puts the other person on the defense.
  • no matter how jealous you may be, do not take what you may read to heart.overreacting over social networks blurbs will get you nowhere fast. the key to it all is in keeping the illusion of cool and nonchalance. if you're coming off as the crazy psycho stalker that checks their lovers twitter, facebook, bbm,im's, emails, etc. you're not coming off too nonchalant ...**the example below is what not to do**

  • never fight over social networks with your significant other. and this is for many reasons, one it allows nosy people into your world, two no matter who's right or wrong you both look like idiots for airing your dirty laundry so publicly, three its just whack..you're not in seventh grade..stop acting like it!
  • silence is the best weapon. when your lover is in the middle of a relationship rant, instead of cursing them out, hold your tongue. nothing pisses an angry argumentative person off more than someone who is not willing to argue back. letting them talk, holler, and shout until they realize, "hey, wait why am i fighting by my damn self?!?"
  • no low blows!!!why?? because that's childish, hitting below the belt is basically a bitch move. even if the other person is shooting heavy fire your way, act as if everything is great..because after enough acting, you just might realize you are having a better time..and once again it pisses your partner off.
  • if it ain't directly directed at me i don't respect it! no sneak dissing, either come out and say what you mean or just shut the hell up. bitches(that can be penis or vagina) do that mess, its not a good look, for anyone. subliminal messaging is cool for ads, not real life.
i swear these are the simplest rules to live by when in battle, they allow the upper hand in the situation and they give you a perfect view of...
  • what you're fight about?
  • what brought the fight on?
  • if the fight is worth having?


the weird shit i youtube

am i the only person that gets bored and starts to randomly look for things on youtube? well today i was sitting in the living room bored and started looking for things under the label of "snake vs....". so i started watching the video before reading the description and really thought that the snake had this fight sewed up...apparently prehistoric looking bugs aren't something one should really try and tangle with

love me sexy

...i'm talking rainforest sweaty....


in case you were wondering....

just a bit of what i'm listening to

... blog surfing earlier, i saw tiffany evans doing "i have nothing" by whitney houston. now no disrespect to her because she really did the song justice, i'm still riding with whit! so after watching tiffany i started looking for my mom's old cassettes tapes(yup that old) and turned off the tv and started singing out loud in whitney and my morning coffee. here are two of my all time favorites by ms houston...

" i have nothing "

"all the man i need"

Make My Burden Lighter

"Hot Dogs & Hamburgers(2008)"--Todd James


all hail to the thick chick, the brickhouse. women come in all shapes and sizes, but i love me a thick chick. coming from a family full of curvy (full figured included), i, of course have real love for thick chicks.

"we like girls who ain't on tv cause they got more ass than the models"--kanye, the goodlife


Rumor Has It - Young Jeezy Featuring Pharrell

heard this in huntsville, i honestly forgot how dope it was

huntsville wrap up

so this year i spent my new years in Huntsville, Alabama, so here's my recap...

..i have an awkward relationship with Huntsville, Alabama. i'm always excited to go, i always get mad when i'm there, and i always cry when its time to leave...

..my ideal new years plan didn't happen, but then again if life always went the way it was supposed to i don't think i'd have much excitement coming my way. through it all,i was able to get a couple of chuckles during the night. the best way to describe the comical events, three words: DRUNK HOTEL PATRONS!!!
  • fighting in the lobby
  • outing people that ate pussy on tables(man #1:'man, i haven't eaten all day', man #2:'you lying i saw you eating that pussy on the table'....ummm TREATED)
  • car windows getting busted out
...pure pandemonium people! i can honestly say, i have never seen that much action in one hour ever in my life.

..took a trip to Huntsville's only streetwear boutique, in there and got an ear full on men and their view on bad cunnilingus(that's head for small minded people that don't read books). apparently men feel that if a women is bad at the act, they have to be coached..

**"man you better smack her in the head and coach her like Bobby Knight"--the uncool**

...that was possibly one of the funniest things i've ever heard come out of a man's mouth....

..but no trip would be complete without a famous argument, and all i can say is, that one took the cake. with tears included, like the baby alive doll. after hours of sitting in opposite rooms, we both decided to be adults, yell some more, and then make up (insert big smile, tiny dimples)...

...finally it was time to head to the airport, i learned a couple of things ...
  • when you own a car, you can harass your passengers and steal their pringles, why? because its your car
  • you should plan your flight around rush hour traffic, because it annoys the driver(opps on me for thinking about saving money)
all in all i had a nice trip, i really needed to get away. hopefully i'll be able to return in late march, but if not Huntsville its been a pleasure!!!