a picture is worth a thousand words

*my favorite candy in the whole wide world*

*playing cowboys and indians*

*whats on your feet?*

*kiss for h.r. paperstacks....lmfao*

i had a pretty random day so i decided to document it through picture.....

Going The F*$K Home the mixtape

1. dopeness - lp
2.u can have it all - nick n beans
3.rockie fresh - rockie
4. quarter - sneaker vixen
5.blow up - aon
6.keep it moving - dave coresh
7.this (stefan ponce remix) - dave coresh
8. hip hop crazy -108
9. stick up kid - christine marie
10. move - the rocketeers
11. fuck with me - nick n beans

once again the homie, stefan ponce, puts out a banging mixtape full of chi town artist....good business hun

click here to download playlist

janelle does vogue

bill withers 'grandma's hands'

i haven't talked my grandma since sunday and i was strolling through my imeem playlist and 'grandma's hands popped up. i love this song it always makes me think of my granny....trust, after this post is completed, i'm calling her just to say hi..because i'm a good granddaughter like that.

Grandmas Hands - Bill Withers

todd james for sixpack france

most girls could careless about what guys wear...well i'm an exception to the rules. i love when guys have funny/interesting tee shirts. todd james for sixpack france has released his newest line of shirts. they feature the art of REAS and are currently available in the sixpack france webstore.ummmmm DOPE!!!!

click here to shop sixpack france

twinkle twinkle little jewel

matthew williamsons and swarovski atelier teamed up for the spring and summer 2010, their line includes jewerly and accessories. huge shapes and colors are great, the line actually reminds me of this shirt my mom and aunts had the 90's...colorful and bejweweled...

press on's: the ghosts of fashion's past

in the 80's press on's were the shit, or so says my mama. well dashing diva brought them back for october 31, 2009 better know as halloween. the black press on features a tiny skull and cross bones, and for 10 bones you can purchase them at sephora....now i've never celebrated halloween but i think the idea is cute....and its way cheaper than going to the nail salon and getting a skull and bones on your nails.

click here to purchase them....