Puma Alee Boot...the ulimate sailing boot

Puma's ultimate sailing boots, the Alee Boots ...life's all about boats and hoes, but hell who needs a boat, you can still pull hoes in theses...yup

if you rock these down the street and someone looks at you like your crazy you can give them the finger and tell "i'm on a boat"...

Nike 6.0 Zoom Oncore High x 3 Inches of Blood

Apparently mr yeezy its the only musical act to team up with Nike on a collab shoe. Canadian band 3 Inches of Blood has a shoe,i'm a fan,i'm copping,asap.

The upper, constructed with premium distressed battle-worn leather is mixed with sanguine accents and the muted greens of rot and pestilence. Metallic side panels simulate armor and warrior-shields, while the blood-red outsole and tongue are an ode to the band’s name.

pavon ruffle dresses

who said it had to be prom circa 1980's to want wear neon colors x floral print x ruffles.. hell if i had this in my closet i'd zip it up and go...an i insane..no..these are just crazy dresses

the floral print

the neon print

the m-i-c-k-e-y m-o-u-s-e

Lovemade x Han Cholo Jewellery

personally i'm pierced and tattoo...but it doesnt mean everyone else is....this is jewelry my grandmother might appreciate...it means no more holes...lol

it'd make granny smile

Aschon Scarves

Claus Arnold and Mila Micic teamed up and created berlin based Aschon. they create scarves that are seriously dope art work. i'm defiantly into the "jimi hendrix scarf"

the 'jimi'

come lay with me in my lace

monki underwear...personally i would wear this no matter the occasion...hot date with the mr....lounging at the house...anything random like