all day i dream about shoes

yesterday morning my mother and i embarked on one of our epic shopping adventures...i hadn't grabbed any shoes in a while and actually planned on getting something strappy, sassy, and sexy, that was until i saw these. i posted a pic of them yesterday but didnt give them the attention they deserved.

defiantly doing the new shoes dance

Wish x Play Cloths New Era Cap X Sharpie

since their release play clothes has made a huge splash in the streetwear fashion world. seem that there is no stopping the line. from time to time, if its a bad hair day i throw some sort of head covering(beanies, hair scarves, and caps). i cant wear the clothes but i'll defiantly grab one of these(i promise i'll rock it to the front....no gang banging for me).

thought the men in my life might appreciate this post...