ken & dana designs reaching out to haiti

a lot of people are affected by the recent earth quake in haiti. i have friends who haven't been able to get in contact with their family members there, and while relief is being sent there, we can not send people peace of mind and reassurance.

now i can't think of a real solution to help but i saw this necklace by "ken & dana design". a purchase will insure a 30 dollar donation to the red cross.....just saying you may not want the necklace but haiti still needs the help. so please send help.

....to my wife!

***my honeybee!!!***
i'm blessed to be surrounded by great people, they make me who i am. we share joyful moments and tears, back stabbing, treachery,and all type of craziness. our lives are constantly intertwined but i can't lie, with the friends i have i don't mind that this is so. so without further ado, happy 21st birthday Melissa Renee Jones, my honeybee, we'll be dating one another until we find our mr. perfects...LOVE YOU MUCH LADY!!!