i may have baggage...but its all designer

i'm a label whore...but only for certain pieces. growing up in my family, nothing fake, phony, or knock-off was allowed. i learned early in life from my grandmothers, aunts, and my mother "real women do not carry fake bags". that has always stuck in my mind.
i went to school with kids that carried fake coach wallets, wore fake louis vuitton belts, and fake gucci bucket hats. not only did i know want to be a part of this trend, i was not allowed to be a part of it. my mother would take my sister and i to the coach store and only allow us to buy the small coin wallets, belts, and gloves. she often reminded us
that the accessories in our closets should be able to be used in everyday life. the girls used to stroll in with their huge knock offs and snicker when i pulled out my small real items.

yesterday i pulled out my tiny Coach shoulder bag...its like circa 1995ish. my mom gave it to me when i first could be responsible for "real" bags. i was about 7 or 8, for a kid that age, that's a huge thing. anyway i didn't feel like carrying around a huge purse(it was just one of those days). it was perfect for my wallet, keys, phone, and lipgloss...

shout out to mom dukes for passing her bags on to me...thanks!

what mimi wore...

most younger sister love raiding their older sister's closets. not mine, she wants nothing more than to stay in an oversized tee and sweat pants. LOL, sometimes she will throw on a pair of jeans. being the loving big sister i got tired of her looking unloved. after much harassment from me she finally allowed me to dress her up(the last time i got to do this was her prom...and i loved every minute of it). with some rambling in my closet, jewelry box, and our mother's shoe rack, the final product was great(but she flatly refused any make up.."this is my face get used to it).

leather/tweed jacket - winlet
sweater dress - rampage
scarf - hand made
necklace - hand made
bracelet - tiffany & co.
earrings- i.n.c.
boots - steve madden

thanks mimi for being a great sport....big sis may not say it but i love you much!