so this summer was a hectic one....words cant really describe it so lets just say it was busy....but in the time i met a very good family friend who is some what of a mentor to me....Darrick Carruth is the creative force behind Sneaker Fiend Tees...its a local tee shirt design company who's fashions can be seen everywhere....i mean i walk into parties and see the shirts....church....seen them there too......the mall defiantly seen them there..... the company basically embodies people's love for gym shoes and everything fresh. so you should defiantly check the shirts out....i think you might be pleasantly surprised....


reasons you should visit......

simple if you are fashionable and love sneakers, tennis shoes, gym shoes or whatever you call them you will love the site....so go visit!

School In Session: 1st Semester

ever had friends that are always together....i mean like their glued to each other's hip and your too...well nick jr. and QBeans are defiantly close...i've been lucky enough to spend irregular amounts of time with the two....we've been in downtown chicago skipping across state street to christmas jingles....falling asleep in borders' children's area...to being bum rushed by little girls...if you can think it, its happened including putting laxative in Q's coffee....sorry man!!! these guys have been getting alot of bad press simply because....they're nick-n-beans but i love them to death so i think they deserve a better chance so go check out there music and tell them wat they think.

Check em' out




they leaked pull it- feat mike 100's

Nylon Mag

if you havent already you should check out nylon magazine....i might be biting off more than i can chew but this mazagine maybe the new voice of fashionables everywhere....there is the basic fashion appeal with a newer twist.



first post...nothing important...just wanna thank you for looking us up and giving us a second of your time....this blog will offer a little bit of everything...from the neweset fashion trends....to indie music....to up and coming events in the chicagoland area