AIR JORDAN 1....Do The Right Thing Pack

if you're a spike lee fan like me, the AIR JORDAN 1, Do The Right Thing Pack will be right up your alley. I rarely mess with JORDANS unless something screams...BUY ME..the colorways white/metallic red and white/green, do just that. the pack will drop soon and my bday is so around the corner....wish list maybe?

chanel and co x mexico x nylon mag

Jacket-Boy by Band if outsiders
Vest-Matthew Williamson
Destroyed Tee shirt-LNA Clothing

Jacket- Chloe
Tee-American Vintage
Shoes-Alejandro Ingelmo

Jacket-Louis Vuitton
Tank-American Apparel
Jean shorts-Siwy Denim
Boots-Giuseppe Zanotti

Leather sweatshirt-Chanel

Jacket-Louis Vuitton

Jacket-Louis Vuitton
Tank-American Apparel
Jean shorts-Siwy Denim
Boots-Giuseppe Zanotti

Bolero-Ana Sui
Tank-LNA Clothing
Clutch-Yves Saint Laurent

Jacket-Alexander McQueen
Jeans-Guess Jeans

back with MAC...STYLE WARRIOR!!!

earlier this summer i covered Mac's honey launch...they're back with the STYLE WARRIOR and well it would only be right to cover this one TOO....


doesn't matter if you're a make up artist or just looking to get ready for a fly saturday night, dior beauty's got you covered......

dior kiss lip gloss....Luscious Lip-Plumping gloss is great for anyone that wants the affect of gloss without the tackiness and dryness

waterproof mascara.... A waterproof option is a must have when battling the hot weather and sweat.

powder bronzer...for the perfect even summer glow

five in one eye colour....Base, Eyeshadow, Contouring Shade, Highlighter and a Liner.

the ulimate compact.....the palette contains a bronzer, lip gloss and eyeshadow as well as two brushes....ooww!!!

rhapsody in blue x cartoons

i love the music of george gerswin...one of the greatest composers of the 20th century. i remember watching this cartoon in 6th period music class sophmore year, fell in love and have been looking for it ever since

JC De Castelbajac Lego Sunlasses

Jean- Charles de Castelbajac launched a interchangeable line of eyewear. the glasses are made of Lego Blocks(who didn't play with Legos as a kid? i mean really.), their rather simple design can be retouched how ever you like!

Christian Dior 2009 Cruise Sandal

these first showed up on the scene via japanese vogue. beyonce attended the BET Awards in these killer pumps, they helped completed her very glamorous look.

the Christian Dior 2009 Cruise Sandal

the complete look

my favorite celeb couple

surfing the web...ran across media take out and all i have to say is DAMN...i love these two. they are by far the most fashion forward couple strolling the BET Awards carpet. it was interesting to read the comments under the pics though. i guess people really are scared of things that aren't normal, but i love it.

matching linings...no joke i love it

like the fact that they didn't go all out and still dropped jaws..clean and simple is always a winner...always

regardless of what people think, im rather impressed with these two!

marc jacobs and pumas

had to run the corner store to get some milk

emoda.com x amber rose...my shero

so this morning after talking to the wonderful strag mc daniel. we actually starting chatting about the BET Awards that i refused to watch...nothing personal just never been big on BET...sorry. he went on to tell me how my favorite fashion couple killed the game(but this is nothing new because they always do). last night at work, the mcdaniels(its his nickname, you must say it all "the mcdaniels") was net surfing and came across the best article in the world. he sent me the link...if you never paid attention to amber rose, i think you might find this a very interesting. ms rose...your my shero!!!

click here for the interview.

Kanye West Streetlights