Chrishabana "Smoking Lips" Necklace

temple effectives clothing

so i was at home twittering(raeali717) my life away when i saw i had a new follower. i got this weird habit of looking to see who's following me and i open up the page and it was Temple Effective Clothing...i love guy's streetwears and i love guys in streetwear even more, the clothes are rather cool in my eye.

their 09 spring/summer look book

sweet as honey.....

mac cosmetics has finally launched a line that is dedicated to honey...life couldn't be sweeter...i've always been a fan of there make up, to me they are the leaders of the cosmetic world..bold daring colors that pop on any skin...

there is no way you can tell me you wouldnt want to taste honey after looking at this champaign ad.

world famous snkr fiends

once again...new sneaker fiend tees for 09..lets hope this is in my size...probably not though