before she said hi- mario feat big sean

blog surfing i stumbled on to these song and gave it about 12 consecutive listens and decided that i am in love with it. 'before she said hi', is being released on mario's newest album 'D.N.A'

click here to listen and download "before she said hi"


i love a rainy day....

...today was rainy and wet, its the fall in the chi seriously so i was trying to stay warm and enjoy my day. so i started my day off by cooking breakfast for me and the kid sister....

***cinnamon and honey pancakes, chicken patties, and scrabbled eggs***
...after breakfast was over i had a brief run in with a poison apple. it was not enough to deter my mission of being creative to so i popped in my two favorite movies and got moving....

***dreamgirls and camp***

*** untangling a mess in my material bucket***

...so after i began to untangle my ball of stuff, i realized there was some useful stuff clumped into it...that's when the mental and creative muscles went to work...

***finally untangled and ready to be put to use***

***finished product***

who says a rainy day at home is a lazy day at home? clearly i proved that theory other wise!


rainboots and sunshine

about a month ago ma red and i went one of our famous shopping trips. wasn't having much luck, and i was quickly getting disappointed. with my height, its hard to find clothes that make me look 20(my true age) as opposed to 15. now im not stuck up so i'll shop almost anywhere...we ventured into the oakbrook t.j. maxx...it was heaven, then i found the perfect rain boot. so i guess happy shopping trips can happen for short girls like me too.

rain boots A&E
umbrella totes