Tye Tribbett - Everything will be Alright

sometimes you have to hear that it will be alright even if its not alright at the time being.

dawn penn x bob marley

when i was little, i can remember dancing with my dad to these two songs...he nutured my love for reggae and rock..its sad that now we don't even speak but i can listen to these songs and go back to being 5 and dancing in the garage in the summer time in my swimming suit dancing with my daddy.

hollywood holt: hollywood

'u know that n$%^a from the go'

Rach the Good's PSA: bad buy homie, bad buy!

i love my family, but sometimes i don't know how we are related. a male cousin of mine(who shall remain nameless) just made a very bad purchase. he bought a pair of white dress shoes, what the hell were you thinking! i'm not going off the memorial day rule(don't wear white after it), i just think white dress shoes scream westside 8th grade graduation. as a 20 something man, that's a huge no no!

dude please for yourself and your image....please RETURN THOSE SHOES!

if you or someone you love owns a pair of shoes similar to these....throw them out

no more soggy socks

chicago gets snow, its not the cute light dusting either. i'm talking thick and heavy with the ocassional black ice (you slide on that and its your ass mr. post man). if you live here or have visited during the winter, you know that you need a good snow boot. but finding a fashionable and praticial snow boot is a hard task. rubber duck has that task handled....i need a pair of these for the 09/10 winter.....

click here to shop to the Rubber Duck Brand

reebok top down hellz

formerly hellz bellz, the female streetwear clothing company Hellz teamed with Reebok to produce the Top Down sneaker. i'm always game for leather, studs, and a rubber bottom. the shoes are available in most retailers...