everybody needs a break from time to time

effective monday, may 4th, public school misfit's guide 2 life, is hitting the road for a two week stay in huntville, alabama. just because we're leaving the city doesn't mean we wont keep you posted, take pics of the fashion and sights.....we're going going down down to albama bamy (don't judge the music)....YAY!!!!


making faces

i was home missing my ... and so i decided hmmmm why not make faces....so here they go

1.talking to much
2.nah nah nah!3.hmmmm idk4.ohhh la la5.i'm hungry!


he wore she wore

battle of the shoes

basically...he's fly and she leviates.

so today he wore Nike Stabs...he's pretty cool.
she wore vintage platforms...she's ice cold.


blazer envy

usually im not a hater....i really try not to be....but he got the blazers......I CANT STAND HIM my natural response was:



my favorite dj stefan ponce aka epic just put out a new lollapalooza 2009 dance mix. it features KiD CuDi, MSTRKRFT Boys, Noize Crookers, Hollywood Holt, He Say She Say, Yellow Fever and others....check it out


getting back in the black

so i was talking to a good friend who messed up with his "boo" and now he's trying to find a good way back in here are some suggestions

1.Easy Handbag in Soft Leather in Multiple Colors -Yves Saint Laurent
Medium tote bag in soft leather is both "easy" and chic. Bag features stitched Y design, complete top zip closure and brass feet for protection. 13H x 15W x 7D. Made in Italy. $1,295.00

2.Umbrellas for the Civil but Discontent Man designed by Bruce and Stephanie Tharp of Materious.Umbrellas for the Civil but Discontent Man designed by Bruce and Stephanie Tharp of Materious. they might have been designed for a guy but i'd defiantly enjoy fighting the rain with one of these.

3.creator lucien pellat finet took cashmere sweaters and anime, and made something wonderfully delicious...these sweaters are everything you could ever want. they go for upwards of $1000

Sunday Drive: Love Jones and Phys Edison

new music....
my very good friend Mr. Love Jones and his partner Phys Edison would like for you to listen....im a fan, and you should be one too


Quote of the week

he said "you're fly".
i told him "no my dear i skipped flight school and took a course in levitation"


music never gets old

so i just was scrolling through my saved favorites and passed my guy epic aka stefan ponce's LIVE FROM THE 8TH PLANET....this sound needs to stay on your saved fave's


rae's fave shopping spot

i'm such a chicago girl i love every part of my city and i'm always going somewhere looking for new places to shop. so if one day i was strolling through the wicker park neighborhood..home to trendy places like leaders, st. alfred's, the silver room, and others and i passed a store that i had been intended to go in but never really poked my head in and i walked in....Pitaya....from the moment i walked in i knew this would be one of my go to places from now on. Pitaya is what every fashionable young lady would love for her closet to look like. its not to in your face, its the perfect mix of day n' nite.

i just bought this dress and im dying for the weather to break...so i can free it from its bag in my closet.....its defiantly an attention grabber!

you can daly but i'd much rather DiLi

Its april and the seasons are changing, its time to store away your heavy winter coats, scarves, and gloves! New flowers bloom and so is new fashion...in a sleepy little town named Chicago...DiLi Designs is blooming. The creative force behind the DiLi Designs powerhouse, Leah Walker(Chicago, Illinois) and Deidre Trent(Canton, Michigan),are two students attending the Illinois Institute of Art- Chicago. Unfortunately i was unable to attend their unvailing...but i have pictures. Word still is not out on when these fashions will be on the market, so here are a few pics from their shows....Kudos Leah and Deidre!! the lovely ladies of DiLi Designs

this jumper is my personal favorite...leah, if you need a model...you got my number!