what rach rocked....to flat top grill

back in school....i guess

today when i got out of class i decided to go visit my mom at her job. red(her nickname) has been a special education teacher all of my life. like all teachers, she has a class of good intended but sometimes misbehaved students. i honestly enjoy coming to see them, they're like the little brothers and sisters i never asked for but am happy to have.

as i walked into the class i was received with warm hugs and hellos, my mother was sitting at her desk finishing up her lunch when i pulled out a dozen roses and a brightly wrapped box. yesterday was her 49th birthday and we weren't able to spend time with one another. so i knew she would appreciate my suprise.....she did!

as the school day came to a close my mother went to her closet and pulled out a huge bag of candy. apparently most of the kids were being good so she was going to reward them with 'penny candy', what she didn't know was that i was going to dive in to the bag and search for my favorites.... tootsie fruit rolls, dubble bubble bubblegum, starbursts, jolly ranchers and mini snickers. i think i made the other kids jealous because they were allow one piece verses what would seem like my thousands lol...

in all i had a good day and then when i was all said in done i strolled to the gymrooom and helped my mom coach volleyball.....