in case you were wondering....

just a bit of what i'm listening to

... blog surfing earlier, i saw tiffany evans doing "i have nothing" by whitney houston. now no disrespect to her because she really did the song justice, i'm still riding with whit! so after watching tiffany i started looking for my mom's old cassettes tapes(yup that old) and turned off the tv and started singing out loud in whitney and my morning coffee. here are two of my all time favorites by ms houston...

" i have nothing "

"all the man i need"

Make My Burden Lighter

"Hot Dogs & Hamburgers(2008)"--Todd James


all hail to the thick chick, the brickhouse. women come in all shapes and sizes, but i love me a thick chick. coming from a family full of curvy (full figured included), i, of course have real love for thick chicks.

"we like girls who ain't on tv cause they got more ass than the models"--kanye, the goodlife