p.popping before she can even spell it

im sorry but when are parents going to draw the line....this is not in the least bit cute....you're daughter will more than likely be a stripper...time to beat her little butt. but then again she's probably only doing what she sees..shaking my damn head....wake up ppl


amber rose does complex

and boy is she complex....

steady mob.bing with t. taylor

click here to see mob living blog link

Ranji's Shoe Pick

Goti Silver Feather Bracelet

Vans Off The Wall Pack

a slip-on, an old skool 77 and mid skool 77, all are apart of the van's off the wall pack. in a wonderful assortment of colors.....
sneakerfreaker.com for pics

the golden gloves...well sort of...

dominic jones might be the new name in kinky/fetish accessories....i'm totally kidding. but with one look at these gloves you might be forced to agree. london based jones has created something that every bad ass dominatrix(myself included) will want to own. these scream let me spank you, tease you, love you. ooww!!

highsnobette.com for the pictures

you can't be serious....stephon marbury

so i tried very hard to stay away from this stephon marbury situation because you never really know whats going on in people's personal lives, therefore i believe you shouldn't be quick to judge, but there is a time when you have to stop feeling bad for the person and start seeking help for them. honestly at first i thought he really was going through something and needed help...but after this video i think he's bored and feeling under appreciated and this is his way to get notice. well hun if you wanted attention its attention you got.

marbury dancing to 'barbie girl'

**as a sidenoted i'd like to add that i used to love the song being played....when i was a 6 or 7 year old. the song'barbie girl' was peformed by group aqua...whatever happened to them?**