jenny lewis in See Fernando

Jenny Lewis "See Fernando" from Team G on Vimeo.

please....NO H8

hot topic of the year...same sex marriage...the country's in a roar over it...personally i think all love is a gift, its no point it judging people's belief systems with everything going wrong in the world i think its time we face more important issues and let the creator decide right from wrong.

These heel where made for.....Bloch Heels

this fall BLOCH, the dancing shoe company, has created a dancing friendly line of heels....wouldn't mind dancing all night in these pieces of work...and 5,6,7,8


Dark Khaki x Vanilla x Shy Pink
May 2005
the neo ice cream colored dunks come complete with a waffle cone insole and cherries on the tongue, a part of the "team manager" series Stussy's own Robbie Jeffers picked the colorway

The Allure: 400 Blows

Paper Planes Juke Style

once again my fav dj knocked it out the park with his take of M.I.A.'s paper planes....

all i wanna do....

i love pharrell williams

many people thinking of pharrell williams as an singer/rapper. but what most people failure to realize is that some of their favorite songs were produced by the half of the duo "the neptunes". he won his first grammy at about 18 for producing...crazy right. well he was spotted out and i most say if you love fashion, you'll love this guy...he's always on...