shoe sex: Versace

so its apparent the shoe sex crazy is defiantly on many designers mind...and the good people at versace are right there too. with the release of there spring/summer collection 2010 there will be madness in the streets. luckily the spring is not here yet so i have decided that i will be saving my pennies to own a pair of these lovely shoes.


Tokidoki does marvel and karl lagerfeld

Tokidoki does marvel and karl lagerfeld....and he does it WELL....

Tokidoki X New Era X Marvel Comics
Karl Lagerfeld


Talbots Blanket Check Jacket

with the arrival of fall in chicago, women have been forced to do away with their short shorts and sandals and bring out their fall looks. no fashion look would be complete without the perfect fall jacket.

talbot's blanket check jacket is perfect for this time of year. the blazer isn't you're father's sporting jacket. the edge stitched notched collar and 3 quarter length sleeve are defiantly stylish, chic, partical, and 69 bones...



hailing from copenhagen, denmark, NABIHA is DOPE....been friends with her via myspace for some time now. she just release her single 'deep sleep' a sassy lullaby. her album will be released February 2010

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