michael jackson, 1958-2009

i grew up in love with michael jackson..when i was in kindergarten i wanted to be an astronaut and married to michael jackson(i prefected the moon walk by the time i was six). as i grew older and was able to understand music, i really fell deeper in love with his music. today in l.a., michael jackson went into cardiac arrest in his home, after he was rushed to ulca hospital he passed away...im sure millioners of bloggers will blog on him...but i thought it was only right to give him a tribute.

smooth criminal....always wanted to be one

rock with you.....

dont stop til you get enough...i always thought my prom date would be as smooth as this

do you remember the time...i still can do the whole dance

beat it....can still do this dance too

leave me alone ....i did my ballet solo to this...remember this dance too

thriller.....the reinventor of the music video

billie jean...motown 25...the greatest performance ever

never can say goodbye....

he changed the face of pop music in the 20th century, from his livily dance moves to his reinvention of the music video(thriller paved the way from mtv to become what it is today) michael you will truly be missed...the world has lost an icon