last of a dying breed?

***me at the end(single), melz(complicated), yanna(relationship),cella (relationship)***

its the time of year when leaves change colors and start falling, and there is an uncomfortable chill in the air. its also the time when a lot of relationships are formed. no one seems to want to be alone during the holiday season. every female that i know is getting into some type of 'romantic affair'. i have started to sit back and wonder,'where did all the single ladies go?'.

beyonce's popular song "single ladies(put a ring on it)"had women in the spring/summer proud to say, "yes i am very single and loving it". now those same women who learned the words to the song and its dance are running to find their "loves". personally, i do not mind being single, in my book it haves its pros and cons. i like the fact that i do not have to check in with a person every fifteen to twenty minutes, if i do not feel like answering the phone i can just let it ring, and i do not have to spend funds that i do not really have on pointless gifts and outings.

there are sometimes though when i sit and think,"am i the one who is losing?". i can admit that there are times when i do get a bit lonely and wish there was a special someone to call and say "hey i miss you." sometimes i wish i could fight about stupid things so i could have a reason to makeup. maybe its me, am i insane for loving my freedom so much?

recently i have been talking to a few of my good male friends, who are all in the same age bracket as i. they have told me that they have been giving heavy thought to the idea of settling down. according to them, bed hopping is not as fun as it used to be, and the skeezers and tramps that they once chased have lost much of their appeal. they are looking for 'quality verses quantity' in there women(and sometimes men).

could it be that once a person breaks out of there teen years and into their early adulthood stages of life stability is more fulfilling than the fast lane? everyone seems to be searching for worthy relationships and finding real love. it often makes a girl like myself wonder. am i the last single lady? could i possibly be the last of a dying breed?

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