deadstock mentally

pac-man x apples = legos???

sounds like the mix is slightly strange but it makes perfect sense... designer ricky, of dee&ricky, has come out with a line of lego broochs dedicated to the 80's game pac man and it features the ghosts (pinky, inky, and clyde) and apples...strange mix but i give it a thumbs up...

Pac-Man Ghost $85
1.pinky= pink ghost
2.inky = blue ghost
3.clyde(i love that name)= orange ghost


Tatty Devine's Frogging Necklace

when i saw this piece i automatically thought..this is way to big to wear..so i wanted to have it even more. london's queen of the jewerly scene designed the necklace, it runs for about $180 but sometimes things are so worth it.


Architonic Presents Bauhaus: The Originals

im 20 and in my third year of college...i love my mom but im going to have to branch out on my own one day. and when i do that i would love to have uber dope furniture in my place. Bauhaus’ founding celebrates there 90th go round with new pieces that i would love to have scattered through out my living quarters....

maybe if i get my way i'll be on my own and living stylish soon....hmmmmm

Jerome C. Rousseau Autumn/Winter 2009 Preview....fiesty girl addition

the 'aizza'

any women worth her salt has at least one pair of 'fiesty heels'. Jerome C. Rousseau's new fall/winter preview is clearly intended for fiesty girls only...square's need not apply. everything about these shoes are just so right, from the color/patterns,to the materials, to the body of the shoe. these are defiantly getting put on my fiesty girl wish list...they are just sassy

the 'serpentine'

the 'nebula'

the 'aurora'


Rugby by Ralph Lauren Fall/Winter 2009 Shoes

fall is defiantly around the corner, i'm from chicago where we really only have to seasons...summer and winter(well not really but it seems that way). fall and winter here can be wet and extremely cold, so you have to find a way to stay warm, dry, and in style. rugby by ralph lauren defiantly thought of my city when they had these shoes in mind.