teddy kelly.....the three litte pigs

im a big fan of cartoon like art...teddy kelly has embodied one of my favorite fairy tales as a young girl "three little pigs"....


ELEDGE by Aldo

i've always been a fan of aldo's shoes. they are fashion and fairly priced. the designers at aldo have out done themselves by creating the perfect shoe for a single gal's night on the town. the bold color and metal buckles mesh so well together, honestly these shoes are great with jeans or micro skirts, they make people, who like me are very short provide the illusion of long lean longs(psa:even though my legs take up more than 50% of my body). the best part of the deal is their only 125 bones...basically a steal.

Heel:2.5 in.
Material: Leather
Sole: Leather


the pharcyde - passin me by