he can fake it too!

i have never professed to be any sort of sex guru, so you can imagine my surprise when i was informed that men are able to fake sexual pleasure. i mean i always taught that if the guy had a warm wet hole to stick their pee wee in they would be just fine. but apparently that is not the case!

as of late the hot topic of my life has been sex. my friends and i are a very open group, lately some of my male friends have been complaining about the bad sex that they have been having. naturally when they told me about it, i smacked my lips and questioned "how was it possible for a man to not enjoy sex?". quite frankly my eyes have opened to new possibilities. they have been nice enough to enlighten me on the art of "man faking".

all of my friends were able to pull off the faking by acting as if they climaxed in a condom and after they were through they got rid of the empty condom, usually by flushing them, or in one of my friends cases via the kitchen garbage disposal.

after all the conversations with them, i got to thinking "have i ever been faked out?". not that it really matters to me, but i have realized we ladies aren't the only ones that can be slick in the bedroom

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