what's in your duffel bag?

my pseudo godfather darrick carruth is the shit(sorry for cursing LOL) in the t shirt game. like really but this post isn't about that right now, even though he could send his favorite niece some shirts...hey i'll take a look book too. anyway i was websurfing and found some cool pics of him and had to post them.

i think i spotted the de la soul dunks in there...too bad my foot is just way to small to even try and fit that...TREATED!

you should defiantly check out his line "SneakerFiendTees". unc you could call or text me and mom dukes from time to time we still love you, LOL!

Video Phone - Beyonce feat Lady Gaga

so when i heard the song i was automatically rolling and popping my hips to the beat....bey and gaga have totally wowed me with this video