happy birthday!!!

its my big sister ashley's 22nd birthday! happy birthday mama have a wonderful day!

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nasir mazhar spring 2010

i love the nails and the block jewelry....

live from the make-up bag

everybody can't do it. its not a bad thing, but its true, everyone can't wear red lipstick. SORRY LADIES. the darker you are the more clown like you. don't feel bad through, because i personally can't wear a red lip. i tend to gravitate to a nude lip. sometimes it can have a hint of color, but because my lips are naturally a bit pink i don't have to. bronzes, honeys, cocoas they all have worked well for me.

i prefer a very natural look, so if i am wearing make up i want to look like im wearing none at all, i hate foundation because it looks so cakey and fake, so i wear consealer. and even when i do i only place it on my forehead, cheeks and chin. NEVER SMEAR IT ALL OVER YOUR FACE, unless of course your face really needs it...then go ahead.

now you can pull of any eyeshadow, just make sure you are wearing liner and mascara. it would be totally pointless if you didn't. if you're gonna to do something go all the way. but you should really feel free to roam the rainbow and please, NEVER MATCH YOUR EYESHADOW WITH WHAT YOU HAVE ON....its just whack.

blazer shoe sex

so i am a 100% true blue sneaker girl. while i may wear dress shoes and sexy sandals, i have always loved sneakers.my all time foreal favorite shoe would have to be the nike hi top blazer, i don't know exactly why i just know that they are. anyway, the latest pair are really to die for. i am not sure if it is the navy and bone colorways, or if its the removed swoosh. whatever it is i know i need them in my life and for 88 bones they are really my pricing(it pays to be able to wear kid shoes)