the final frontier

a few days ago i put up melody eshani's newest shoe for the fall/winter of 09. well it is clear that she is not playing any games, 'the final frontier' is evident of this. personally the line gives me a real classy ghetto girl feel, makes me want real big hair,shiny lipgloss, and a pack of big red.

***i'm really feeling the look, kudo's miss eshani***

the best of Sheneneh Jenkins...

growing up in the wesley house hold the tv series 'martin' was loved. brian, jamila(my siblings) and i faithfully watched. now we all had favorite characters, but mine was miss sheneneh jenkins. martin's crazy next door neighbor...here are a few clips of miss jenkins and her famous moments....

don't mess with sheneneh...because she is a LAADDEEE!!!


Consequence - Whatever U Want (feat. John Legend and Kanye West)


Opening on October 10, 2009 at StolenSpace in London, Miss Van will be releasing a premier solo debut of the 'Lovestain' Collection. I am in love the very sexy approach to the female characters in her work. The show in London will end on October 18, 2009. Hopefully the 'Lovestain' Collection will be showed in the U.S.


Fendi Spring/Summer 2010 Accessories


V V Brown - Shark In The Water



i am a chicago native. when most people think of my stomping grounds their minds only picture the skyline and michigan ave. i was born and raised on the southside. violence was a really real thing from a very early part of my life. my parents tried hard to shelter my brother, sister and myself from the world but they couldn't shield us from everything.

i'll never forgot my freshmen year of high school i was on my way home from school on the cta, passing julian high school, when this guy from my school got pulled off the bus and beaten by a blood thirsty mob. the bus driver was pulled off the bus as well and beaten. it was one of the scariest days of my life because it took the police a very long time to reach us and break up the fights. the boy and the driver were rushed to the hospital. from that time to the time i graduated from school i carried a razor blade and mase.

derrion albert was walking home from school, thursday afternoon when he was killed in a gang fight near Fenger HS(its crazy because i took night school classes there and remember being scared to have to walk there even in a group of friends). albert was an honors student who never was involved in any sort of violence. three teens have been charged in his murder and are being tried as adults and being held with out bond.

**i am praying for my city because i know what its like to be scared to even come and go to school, something has to change and it has to change fast...god please bless my city and my former neighborhood....its sad because no one should ever have to look back at their childhood and remember the killings, jumpings, and senseless violence***

click here for more on the story

missy elliott 'beep me 911' feat. 702 and magoo

best song ever....doesn't have to be a lenghty break up just beep me 9-1-1

this could be you


i've been a fan of melody ehsani for a while now. her style is so 80's chic and now she's releasing a preview of her new shoe line.... these are cleary might to steal shows. i honestly love her take on the famous 'mary jane' look..... RTG


tweet of the week

@Chickonastick: My friend has a sore throat and is whining about it in my ear-but that's not stopping her from giving head....WTF am I supposed to do?!?!

i love my big sister she always speaks her mind and provides a laugh too....

follow Chickonastick via twitter will laugh your ass off....


fuck me over friday

--blowjob --
  • 3/4 oz. Irish Cream (Bailey's)
    3/4 oz. Kahlua
    Top with Whipped cream

Layer in a shot glass; Irish cream on top, and serve.
--sexy lady cocktail--

crush raspberries and strawberries, add juice to cocktail shaker, add tropical friut juice, add midori, peach and apple schnapps and shake well, add to cocktail glass top with crushed ice and good drizzle of chambord, slice a fresh strawberry and add to side of glass.

--armaretto sour--

Pour the amaretto liqueur into a cocktail shaker half-filled with ice cubes. Add a splash or two of sweet and sour mix, and shake well. Strain or pour into an old-fashioned glass, garnish with a maraschino cherry and a slice of orange, and serve.

i'm the designated bar tender for the "cougars club". so i've learned my way around a bar...these are a few drinks that i'm asked to make, these are perfect for what i love to call 'frisky friday'


my book of the week: Dear G Spot - Zane

its a great read...informative...interesting...down right kinky

and who said they took sex out of school

Jimmy Choo Luminescent Heel Sandals

i would miss meals and fight for these joints.....jimmy choo reinvented my definition of shoe sex

shawn carter and orpah winfrey chop it up

say what you like a about shawn carter...i've been a fan since i was 9 and that will never change. yesterday i was sitting in trig class i was supposed to be taking notes but in honesty i had my headphones in listen to the BP3, he's newest number 1 album. he may never read this, but he has been one of the biggest influences(musically) in my life. i'm super happy that he sat down with orpah and let people know that he's more than music....

so ambitious on BP3 has become my new favorite jay z song(i defiantly have a list of favorites).



Chromeo’s “Night by Night"

i like this song because he's not romantic and i'm too dramatic.....


on and on-- max payne

my little brother, max sent me a line with his newest song 'on and on' actually the song is super dope....really mellow feel. personally i watch out for all new music regardless of the genre, but i always end up with hip hop close to my heart. great deal little dude. you know im a fan, keep it up.

sleepless in chicago

so as of late, i've been chalk full of emotions. not sure how to get them out or who to tell them i decided i'd post my random views on situations from time to time.

tonight i can't sleep, i took a cat nap i didnt even know i was having this evening and ever since then i've been on charge. i haven't been able to sleep the night through for most of the summer and its really starting to take a toll on my moods and actions. my mom sat me down and asked me when was the last time i had had a peaceful sleep, sadly i couldn't remember. we tried to jog my memory and i realized i hadn't been at peace since my father went into the hospital this summer. my father and i have never been close and its always hurt deeply, but i came to the conclusion that i can't make him be the father i wanted for so long(in a perfect world maybe, but perfect and i have never met.) then i started realizing that ever since my father got out the hospital, i haven't heard from him or seen him. the last time i saw my father, my grandma and aunt where in town. it wasn't that we had words or got mad at each other, its just that there are so many years of hurt, anger, and betrayal that i don't know if i'll be able to reach out to him and mean it. i truly do love my father, but like my family over time i've learned that i have to forgive him and love him from a distance. the loving from a distance wouldn't be difficult if he wasnt sick, that way i could put our relationship in the back of my mind. i think if i were the heartless image that i try to project, i could sleep at night. damn...
when loving him wasn't hard...


i built this city tee

this tee is perfect with the fact that michael jordan was just inducted into the hall of fame...


snack of the moment: garrets caramel popcorn

i could defiantly go for a bag of garrets carmel popcorn. i even told my aunt to give me the biggest drum of the wonderful caramel popcorn. ever since i could remember my aunt mimi would always bring my cousin, brother and sister, and i a bag of garrets popcorn when she would work down town. she would usually get a mix (combination of cheddar cheese popcorn and caramel popcorn) i sat and picked it to only eat the caramel.

o sweet caramel i can't wait to taste thee-- my ode to caramel popcorn


Holiday 09 Auto Flight High GS

the black/red/white, quick strike colorway set this flights off. corny joke i know..dont judge me. they release later this year in october.


nike tees x sequins x high fashion

Ashish Gupta created my dream...nike tees x sequins x high fashion(a equation for one of my dreams). the 2010 summer/spring collection embodies an iconic period of history, the ' punk rock , Miami Vice, Hawaii five- O' era. i choose four pics from the collect because clearly they are so "good".

creator of "Ashish": Ashish Gupta



what rach rocked

today was kind of a chilly wet day so i decided to preview my fall wear...today was a ralph lauren kinda day.

on me: reversible ralph lauren equestrian riding bubble vest/thermal energie long sleeve shirt/ralph lauren straight leg jeans/leather riding boots



Kanye West and Nike Auction Shoes for Doernbecher Children’s Hospital

there is no real way you can tell me that these shoes are not the truth... mr. west has teamed up with nike again to auction two pair of one of a kind pairs of air yeezy's. the profit from the sales will go to help Doernbecher Children’s Hospital in Portland, Oregon. the first pair feature an upper black leather with the jordan vi jumpman on the bottom (no other shoe...real shoe that is...will ever have it). the second pair, are the same shoes worn by west to the 50th annual grammy award's.

personally i know there is no way that i would be able to fit or afford these shoes, but hey a girl can dream from time to time.


mickey factz live


Nicholas Kirkwood at Seven New York

this speaks for itself.....truly speechless


teddy kelly.....the three litte pigs

im a big fan of cartoon like art...teddy kelly has embodied one of my favorite fairy tales as a young girl "three little pigs"....


ELEDGE by Aldo

i've always been a fan of aldo's shoes. they are fashion and fairly priced. the designers at aldo have out done themselves by creating the perfect shoe for a single gal's night on the town. the bold color and metal buckles mesh so well together, honestly these shoes are great with jeans or micro skirts, they make people, who like me are very short provide the illusion of long lean longs(psa:even though my legs take up more than 50% of my body). the best part of the deal is their only 125 bones...basically a steal.

Heel:2.5 in.
Material: Leather
Sole: Leather