love potion number 9th listening party


janelle monae - come alive (the war of roses)

janelle monae is probably one of my favorite artist to date....see "janelle monae: here to save the world" well as i patiently wait for her album 'Metropolis' to come out next year, here is a new joint for my fave android....'come alive(the war of roses)'....


how could you not love.....JAYNE KENNEDY

the la case: further image

the carmichael gallery of contempary arts presents the opening of ' The LA Case: Further Image'. it is Case's first solo US show. i love the collection and here are a few pieces from the show.....

i have a thing for powerful art featuring women subjects....


INSA and Rousseau do chair sex

still looking for an apartment and with apartments come new (and sometimes used) furniture...well i'll wishing for all new stuff and this lounge chair by Insa and Rousseau ...not long ago i did a post about Insa's shoes... and well shoe sex is one thing...chair sex is another.


No Hair + doggy handler + lube = FREAKITY ASS MESS!!!

manscaping- the act of a man waxing or shaving his pubic area to remove pubic hair

personally, i do not care about pubic hair...i do not always wax or shave but i never allow a jungle to pop up. i am a very busy girl and the length of 'carpet' is not high on my priority list. BUT this post is not geared toward women.

recently a good friend of mine called me to update me on her terrible sexacapade with a manscaping guy. apparently he looked like 'a nine year old' minus the hair, but to add insult to injury....his pubic hair was growing back....CAN YOU SAY STUBBLE??!! according to her the sex was 'unbearable'(i guess it would be...smooth and rough never mix hunny!). as i continued laughing she mentioned something about 'lube' and a 'doggy handler'. some straight up freakity mess.

i may be in the middle of a drought but i doubt i would ever be that hard up(i want no one's itching scrotum near me...EWWW). my question is do all men that manscape have itchy balls....because from what 'jenny'(real name omitted) explained i know i want NO PART OF IT....