im going to hell...

so almost every sunday my family goes to church, we have since i was born. today we were sitting in the sanctuary, service was going normal as i sat there and chewed my bubble gum. i swear i wasn't in deep thought about anything and out of nowhere i starting thinking about sex. SEX with the person i can't get off my brain(ummm....TREATED?). that was defiantly the wrong place to be daydreaming about the horizontal mambo. i was actually kind of scared so i wrote my mom a note and asked her "hey mom do you think i'll go to hell cause i'm sitting here thinking about sex?", she turned to me, hiding her laugh and said "yes, rachel you are going to hell. you need to start praying right now!". jesus please forgive me i didn't mean to. guess i shouldn't let my thoughts wander anymore..

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