lighting bolt earrings ,loud colored heels, and three finger rings....all a girl needs in life

so i was sitting at work with HIM and HE was dozing off watching vimby.com and i happened to look over and Melanie Ehsani was talking about her spring 2009 line up..it was like watching the 80's be rebirthed....the bright exciting colors are very exciting while the designs are something you could picture being in an andy warhol coloring book.....Ehsani is a los angles native and she's worked with the great Erykah Baduh...her newest project is a collaberation is for a line of urban anime in a jewerly sense....i'm trying to figure how to wrap my fingers around a few of her pieces as i type!

head coverings

so if you see me in the streets and around i always seem to have on a grey knitted cap. after many annoying questions i've decided to answer the FAQ about my beanie.
1. is there a religious meaning to why you keep your head covered?

there are no religious ties.....there are some religions that require women to cover their heads....i don't belong to any such groups

2.are you following a fashion trend of sorts?

actually it began that way and blossomed into just a sort of comfort thing...its a relief for the all too often bad hair day

3. why only in grey?

no grey is not my favorite color....but it does like black and white go with alot of color options

4. do you think you will get rid of it?

eventually it will give up the ghost on me...but until then i am keeping it close

hold up....wait a minute

so i'm in huntsville,al. for a two week vacay with a very special friend and in the last post i was kind of a dick wad. i'm so sorry and you know who you are. i got a bit asshole like and forgot that you have a very hectic schedule....sorry!!!!! you opened your house to me and gave me free reign to do as i please.....i know that you will read this and i hope that you forgive me......


i know the pain....trust me

sitting in a hotbox looking at a wall........

so ever seen the fresh prince episode where will was stuck in the basement with his date......well hmmmmm its not that bad here...my time could be worse so i decided until fun kicks in i'd take another making faces album via huntsville, al.