ellen von unwerth is just one of fashion's greatest photographers, i don't have to ramble you've seen her work....


sitting on my couch, watching light fill my living room, i swear i can't get my dad out of my head but its not a bad thing. i find myself thinking about how he'd usually be up reading the Red Eye, doing the crossword to be exact, and having his morning coffee. i can hear his one of a kind laugh and see him smiling offering me some coffee cake and my favorite creamer. i find that i can't get through the day without some thought of my father. they are not painful thoughts, just thoughts about him. i miss his smile. i miss watching his eyes light up when i walked into a room(its cliche' but most father's eyes do that, just gotta take time to watch them). i miss our totally pointless but every so meaningful conversations. i'm still trying to be able to hear his voice and not cry. i've have realized this one thing, no heartbreak i've ever face ever hurt this bad. so as i sit on this couch and listen to the french movie playing, i'm just going to look for a good crossword and enjoy my coffee with my dad.

....early morning chilling with my daddy.rtg.
....beauty of jane kennedy, grace of jackie o., wit of eleanor roosevelt. michelle obama. need i say more?
many people aren't aware of the fact that i'm super in love with Kerri Washington. she's fiercely beautiful and a great actress. she's been dope since 'our song'(she was a teenager in it, baby fat intact and all).

'i want you'


...Good morning to Chi-Town, where my niggaz ride down
And bust clowns, and look for some bustdowns to bust down...

'the good, the bad, the ugly'
consequence feat kanye west


...no one can make you feel inferior without your consent
eleanor roosevelt