We Heart Vera

the "we heart vera" champagin is perfect for the spring of 2010, bright, colorful, full of many shapes and color, its music for the eyes. extremely well put together.

“What we try to do is to take what we consider to be pure art and translate it into a garment that will go with almost anything,” Vera Neumann - 1977

kid cudi-make her say

Blumarine Autumn/Winter 2009

so i'm a firm believer in color. its a very key point in fashion, art, and life. badge and black are cool but there are so many more colors in life. and i stumbled upon pics of the BLUMARINE autumn/winter line for 09 and i am truly inspired. i have over 50 pics but i'm only gonna to put up my favorite top seven(i love that number), and they were hard to do.

gucci got fans