what rach rocked

it is the fall is CHICAGO,i honestly love this season because this is when you get to pull out your best pieces. today it was time to pull out the wool and leather.

jacket: winlit
jeans: levi 501's
shoes: old navy sweater boots

i had to keep warm in the city of wind....

its m-i-c-k-e-y f-a-c-t-z.....

i have the biggest crush on mickey factz...he's just so cute and lyrical(always a winning combo in my book). today i'm just in a mickey type of mood, so i'm jamming out to a good portion of his mixtape 'mickey factz: in search of the N.E.R.D.' its defiantly a great feel for my music monday playlist.


shoe sex: in the 'Champagne' room with Christian Louboutin x Piper Heidsieck

Piper Heidsieck and Christian Louboutin joined forces to create the 'Le Rituel Box Set'. The set takes fashion back to the 19th century when men drink champagne out of there lover's shoes. Inside the set is a glass stiletto and bottle of champagne, it will be released in the states on October 19, 2009. People with fancy foot fetishes and tastes for fine wine rejoice!

guess there can be sex in the champagne room....as long as its shoe sex


the opposite sex...the mental rubrix cube

sometimes i have to get my feelings off my chest. as random as i may seem, i have a hard time just saying what i fell..i usually hold on to stuff for too long and it explodes at the wrong time. my mind has been a buzz with the random pressing topics of my life:

lately i have been wondering what makes the opposite sex tick. men are the hardest group of people understand. history proves that men are taught from very young, that less emotion showed the better. often leaving their emotions their emotions guarded and hidden and leaves a wall for their significant others to either climb and/or break through or give up and walk away all together. i want to know why is it so hard to love with them, yet so hard to love without them???

'men.....can't live with them/can't live without them!'

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