favorite tweet of the week

'1uppitynegress----> @TheRachIsGood is clearly a walking talking cynical wet dream!!! this chick is stacked!!! i'm an ass for that huh?'

i was on twitter having an anti bra convo with my big sister and i had to remind her of my actual bra size...i have become really good at masking the actual size of my bust.

so you should defiantly follow me (TheRachIsGood) and my big sister, ayanna champange(1uppitynegress) via twitter, our conversations are always gut busting and informative....


anti bra movement

bras where made to lift and shape....that's cool when you do not have much. i'm a 38 c, so of course i can not go bra-less all the time. i do not get to wear the little sexy lace numbers all the time (even though i got a few). as of late my bras have been cutting in to me and it sucks because i think they are trying to grow some more(i thought puberty was over....guess not...TRUNKED.) so i'm anti bra for the rest of the week.

***the anti bra movement will not be documented***

rach's vma's fashion notables...

fefe dobson

djimon hounsou and kimora lee simmons


solange knowles

katy perry

they brought it on the red carpet....

who wore it better????

remember when it was prom season and you're biggest fear was someone wearing your dress well last night thats just what happened to pink and shakira...they both looked great in my opinion but i think they might have been a little pissed.

pink and cory hart


i would have freaked if it happened to me on prom...thats the closest i've been to a fashion mishap. lucky all the stores in chicago have this thing where they check with other stores and don't resale girls that go to the same school...eekk!!!


Pendleton x Opening Ceremony Now Available

i'm big on prints and colors. Opening Ceremony and Pendleton are really going back to their native american roots with this season.....

i defiantly would love to rock this...honestly there was a girl in church yesterday with something close to this and she was actually cool...except for her shoes...


Globe Trotter x Andy Warhol by Hysteric Glamour

andy warhol lives on through the andy warhol foundation. the warhol foundation teamed up with globe trotter to release a line of, Andy Warhol by Hysteric Glamour luggage collection. it consists of many suitcases. my favorite thing about the luggage is the lining of the suitcases:a silver skull print(the infamous warhol skull). the collection will be released on September 16th by Openers.

personally i would love to own one of these suitcases because they would go great with my warhol foundation levi's.....