the things i don't do

***no shots are being fired here i just need to vent for a second. no mean to offend anyone, but this is my blog and i'll say whatever is on my chest.***

i must admit in my younger days i used to get caught in messy situations that could have been avoided by simply shutting my mouth and letting scenes play out minus my opinion. so as i have become a bit mature(not totally, but i am working on it everyday), i have decided to just shut my mouth and live life.

when i feel that i want a question answered i just ask the person one time and hope that they are honest in answering and just keep it moving. i'm not going to turn into a parrot asking the same thing, looking for different answers. there's no real time to be bothered with that process. webster says that insanity is doing the same act hoping that there will be a different result. there is nothing in life that i am willing to make me go crazy. i guess i trust alot and let go, so here are a couple of things you'll never catch me doing.....
  1. honesty box - i'm not going to go anonymous and try and gather information. in my opinion i just don't have it in my to try and fool people. i give people answers they want/need in first person, so i trust they will do the same.
  2. broken record- over and over with the same topic. i don't do it. i know of some people who ask the same questions hoping to find dirt, my granddad has taught me alot about life but one of his lessons that stand to me is "don't go digging in the mud, cause you will always find dirt"--t.o.sr. i figure this much, whatever is supposed to come into the light will, there's no point in forcing it to.
  3. kung fu killer wolf bitch- i don't and won't fight, its much easier and less draining to just walk away
  4. ms. with her nose in your biz!-i'm not about to search to know each and everything about you.
these are just things i don't do.

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