how to win the argument everytime!

so i have had much experience in the arguing department as of late. coming from a family of strong willed(or stubborn) women, i learned some sure fire tips to help when it comes down to winning arguments.(even though i must admit, in the heat of battle, these rules sometimes are forgotten)....
  • no matter how angry you get, never raise your voice. speaking in a calm tone throws people off guard. supposedly when people are angry they yell, but if you are speaking in a calm tone with a hint of nonchalance it puts the other person on the defense.
  • no matter how jealous you may be, do not take what you may read to heart.overreacting over social networks blurbs will get you nowhere fast. the key to it all is in keeping the illusion of cool and nonchalance. if you're coming off as the crazy psycho stalker that checks their lovers twitter, facebook, bbm,im's, emails, etc. you're not coming off too nonchalant ...**the example below is what not to do**

  • never fight over social networks with your significant other. and this is for many reasons, one it allows nosy people into your world, two no matter who's right or wrong you both look like idiots for airing your dirty laundry so publicly, three its just whack..you're not in seventh grade..stop acting like it!
  • silence is the best weapon. when your lover is in the middle of a relationship rant, instead of cursing them out, hold your tongue. nothing pisses an angry argumentative person off more than someone who is not willing to argue back. letting them talk, holler, and shout until they realize, "hey, wait why am i fighting by my damn self?!?"
  • no low blows!!!why?? because that's childish, hitting below the belt is basically a bitch move. even if the other person is shooting heavy fire your way, act as if everything is great..because after enough acting, you just might realize you are having a better time..and once again it pisses your partner off.
  • if it ain't directly directed at me i don't respect it! no sneak dissing, either come out and say what you mean or just shut the hell up. bitches(that can be penis or vagina) do that mess, its not a good look, for anyone. subliminal messaging is cool for ads, not real life.
i swear these are the simplest rules to live by when in battle, they allow the upper hand in the situation and they give you a perfect view of...
  • what you're fight about?
  • what brought the fight on?
  • if the fight is worth having?


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