huntsville wrap up

so this year i spent my new years in Huntsville, Alabama, so here's my recap...

..i have an awkward relationship with Huntsville, Alabama. i'm always excited to go, i always get mad when i'm there, and i always cry when its time to leave...

..my ideal new years plan didn't happen, but then again if life always went the way it was supposed to i don't think i'd have much excitement coming my way. through it all,i was able to get a couple of chuckles during the night. the best way to describe the comical events, three words: DRUNK HOTEL PATRONS!!!
  • fighting in the lobby
  • outing people that ate pussy on tables(man #1:'man, i haven't eaten all day', man #2:'you lying i saw you eating that pussy on the table'....ummm TREATED)
  • car windows getting busted out
...pure pandemonium people! i can honestly say, i have never seen that much action in one hour ever in my life.

..took a trip to Huntsville's only streetwear boutique, in there and got an ear full on men and their view on bad cunnilingus(that's head for small minded people that don't read books). apparently men feel that if a women is bad at the act, they have to be coached..

**"man you better smack her in the head and coach her like Bobby Knight"--the uncool**

...that was possibly one of the funniest things i've ever heard come out of a man's mouth....

..but no trip would be complete without a famous argument, and all i can say is, that one took the cake. with tears included, like the baby alive doll. after hours of sitting in opposite rooms, we both decided to be adults, yell some more, and then make up (insert big smile, tiny dimples)...

...finally it was time to head to the airport, i learned a couple of things ...
  • when you own a car, you can harass your passengers and steal their pringles, why? because its your car
  • you should plan your flight around rush hour traffic, because it annoys the driver(opps on me for thinking about saving money)
all in all i had a nice trip, i really needed to get away. hopefully i'll be able to return in late march, but if not Huntsville its been a pleasure!!!

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