surving valentines day...single girls rejoice

feb 14, 2010 is right around the corner and for 'some' this will be a bad day. those 'some', are singles who don't know how to truly enjoy being single during holidays. i've only had two valentine dates(seventh grade and two years ago), so its clear that i have had time to get used to a single's valetines day.

there is no point in sitting in the house watching sappy love movies about friends who realize they love each other. get out, go shake your butt, enjoy your life!!! if you've never been on a 'me date' now would be the perfect time to start. take yourself out, go to dinner, catch a movie, take a moon lit stroll.

personally i haven't set my plans in stone, but i know i will not be in the house thinking about "the great love that got away" or "the love that could have been". i'll be getting sexy for myself(hair, nails, clothes, shoes, the works), and enjoying my night.

**i'll be dancing to this one on 2.14.10**

and if you feel that you're not strong enough to survive a valetines day alone, include your other single friends. make this an enjoyable experience for you and your closest female friends. its nothing like walking in to a club, restaurant,movie theater with your gang looking like a million bucks.

**i'll be getting dressed to this**

**i'll be singing this with my homies**

whatever you do, ladies if you are single don't be afraid to enjoy your valetines day, boyfriend or not, every girl deserves a wonderful valetines day, go out and buy yourself a huge teddy bear, box of chocolate,and flowers. ENJOY!!!

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