dirty money posters

i'm weird, there its out in the open. i got a thing for party posters. i'm sick of pluggers that only become my book marks and i'm sick of internet party invites. sunday morning my homie Merk Murphy gave me a nice little something to add to my collection of posters.its for chicago's listening party for "Dirty Money" hosted by the one and only, Diddy. now 9 times out of 10, i'm not going, but the poster is a piece of history so i'm keeping it. kinda like how our parents used to do with posters from the 70's and 80's. who knows i might be showing this to my kids one day(now that was a good joke), but seriously you never know who this might impress down the line.

shout out to Merk Murphy for the poster....you should follow him on twitter...he's a real cool dude: @MerkMurphy

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