new music: Nick N Beans

so i'm up at 6:14am getting ready for class and i decide to check my email and i found some new music from the bros Nick N Beans...i love my boys even though they used to get under my skin(but that's not important right now). i automatically thought, ' fuck's up pussies?'( we really love each other), and finally some new music......

you can follow them:
myspace.com/nicknbeans ( the music is on the page)

in closing: beans, you're gay(lol) and nick when you get on our friendship is going to be so over. love you guys, keep up the good work. muah(thats a kiss from me to yall).

below here you can check out 'allure' and 'successful'

beans - allure(click here)
nick jr. -
successful(click here)

****f.y.i. BEANS IS NOT GAY!!!!!******

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