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i love being me, i have the opportunity to meet many people, they are all over the board. today i was able to meet corban kelly aka cee fresco, an up and coming artist and after giving his music a good listen i decided it was time to talk to the man behind the music and get deep(musically that is) and here it goes.....

RTG:so what drew you to music? was there a certain genre(style) or artist who's music(indie or mainstream) inspired and moved you?
CF:Well I always was a fan of hip hop since a child. My sister would play Jay-Z(BluePrint2) in the car ever since then I would start listening to numerous artist, it doesnt matter if they areunderground or mainstream. But Lupe is my number one inspiration his work ethic,sound,lyrics,concepts,punchlines,rhyme schemes, and performances just inspire me to be original and just be a dope artist for what you got to offer

RTG:describe you're sound? honestly, do you hear yourself in alot of the music that's been played in the media?
CF:I think I have more of a hip hop feel but with catchy beats and ill wordplay. Honestly I dont hear myself in some of the music in today's media. But I feel hip hop is making a come back and I will be a good addition to the game because I bring a real soulful feel and I have a message behind everything I write.

RTG:is there a purpose to your music? are you making music for a certain group of people? and if so who?
CF:My music serves the purpose of challenging my audiences mind and to like my music not only because of the beat made by the producer but to also respect the artist who orchestrated the song. I want to be remembered as one of the greatest lyricist when I'm gone. I also just want to express my thoughts I look at the world with a different view and I want everybody to know how I feel. My music is for anybody I will never target my music for one group of people I'm open minded.

RTG:are you trying to reach out to people through your music? does your music make a statement?
CF:Of course I want everybody to know its alright to be yourself and dont become the artist you dont want to be stay true and use your god given talent to the fullest when it comes to artist. Alot of situations in life will be hard to overcome but you have to have faith and never give up thats the main message in my music.

RTG:will you be putting out more music in the future and if so how soon?
CF:Of course I'm currently working on my mixtape'Thinking Out Loud' it will be dropping Mid-October but I will also be dropping single tracks until then.

so you should defiantly follow my new friend, ceefresco, his music is something to watch out for thank you very much for the interview i am defiantly a new fan.

click here to hear ceefresco's music

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