so i haven't really been blogging about anything important as of late. my mind has been everywhere and still nowhere at the same time. so i'm going spit of a couple of things i've been pushing to the back burners of my mind.
  • rest in peace daddy. i miss you everyday, but the pain isn't the same hurt i felt. i know you're watching me. i love you. now be good before me and jamila have to come get you and act up(our joke).
  • what's done is done. there is no need to wonder about yesterday, just be thankful you got through it mostly unscathed.
  • beware of the killer clowns, its about to get warm outside and that means that the clowns are coming to be creeps. ewww can someone put them back in hibernation?
  • i need to get my sewing machine fixed asap
  • i'm thinking of turning the basement into a studio for my work/show room
  • i just want to be blessed
  • wait on God to show you what he has in store for you
  • all things work for those who love him

a lot of this may seem like a whole lot of nothing but it actually all has some sort of meaning to be. yup had to skim my brain of all the excess things i can't control.

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