right now i'm trying hard not to resent
but from the dawning of my time, your voice has been ever present
holding my hand when i was scared
cuddling me in your arms when i was sick
truth is we weren't as close as we should have been
but there was never a time when you forgot the reese's and the aspirin
tattoos, lip rings, hair colors and cuts
i still know you love me, even if i drove you nuts
twenty years of my life intertwined with yours
the love, the hate, the kisses, and the sores
today i called your phone awaiting some of your witty banter
bet you can't imagine how i felt when you didn't answer
i try not to challenge fate's decision
so all i can do is put my sanity inside my religion
these are a daugther's word to her father
i know through out any pain, your love will take me farther

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