so the new thing seems to be,"if you're not with me, you're hating on me!", but really people lets stop and think about that for a moment. haters. haters are a very real thing. they always have something negative on the tip of their tongue about everything someone else is doing. the mental warfare they can cause is ridiculous. yes ,haters, are a seedy breed that most people try very hard to stay away from....

  • that bitch ain't shit
  • such and such ain't got shit on me
  • blah,blah,blah.
  • that's lame
  • kill yourself

its common knowledge that everyone hates a hater. that's good and all but why is it that people are now quick to equate a person who is honest with being a hater? please understand there is a huge difference between the two, and if you were unaware, now you will know. ever heard the saying,'don't shoot the messenger'? it seems that now a days its not safe to be that messenger, everyone seems to have their pistols locked and loaded for the messenger.

is it just me or is it that people would rather dick ride and not be marked as hater? in my personal opinion that makes you just as bad as a hater, maybe even worse. remember real friends don't let good friends do whack shit. that's a breech in the code of friendship conduct.

when you are speaking real and truthful facts you are not hating, you're being truthful. my mother used to tell me 'its not about what you say,but the way you say things'. i'm going to have to respectfully disagree. sugar coded cereal is cool, but if you eat too many sweets you will get cavities. if you sweetly spin the truth one to many times, the line between truth and lies can and will be blurred.

sometimes you have to care enough to be frank and totally honest with people. the whole thing is you have to figure out away to do it without...
  1. embarassing the person
  2. hurting their feelings
  3. lying

...all this is being said to get to my main point, there is indeed a difference between 'hating' and 'telling the truth'. yes sometimes the truth hurts, but lies hurt way more than 'spinning stories' ever will. be a friend, if you see your friend slipping by the way side, loving tell them to get their selves together. they may not love what you're saying but they will defiantly thank you later.


  1. Two snaps!! Telling the truth will get you to good places in the eyes of the Creator <3, everyone just might not like you LoL..

  2. come on syd, you know i don't care about people's thought...i just try to tell the truth and shame the devil